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When trying to get this software to work, it is probably a good idea
* Run it WITHOUT the --daemonize/-d option. This way it stays in the
foregound of your terminal, and can output log and error messages.
* In the config file, set "LogLevel=trace". That way you will get a
full log of what happens. Also, take note of the "LogFile"
setting, so you know where to find the log.
* Configure the camera to take small images while testing. This way
you won't have to wait for the data transfers any longer than
In general, if the script encounters errors it will print out "WARN"
messages to the log. These will often start with "Died in request
handling:", followed by the message describing the actual error.
Some error messages are caused by features in the card and/or the
original Eye-Fi software that this script does not support. In these
cases we will reject the image and log an error, since we can't do
what the card believes we can, and we don't want to fool it. This may
be the problem if you see the following errors:
Unsupported transfermode 'XXX' from card 'dads eyefi' (000000000000). at ./ line 353.
* If you see this, the card is probably configured to upload images
to online services like Flickr or Facebook. can not do
this. To fix this error, reconfigure your card to upload files
(photos, RAW files, videos) to the local computer only.
I don't know how to handle tarballs with >1 files! (XXXX, YYYY) at ./ line 536.
* This probably means that the geotagging feature is enabled on the
card. The geotagging feature is a feature of the Eye-Fi software
as well as a feature on the card, so we don't support this either.
Disable geotagging in the card configuration to avoid this error.
If the daemon starts, but the images never show up, you can check if
you see something like this in the log:
2011-02-05 01:37:11Z 14024 INFO GetPhotoStatus for 'XXXX.tar' from 'dads eyefi' (000000000000)
2011-02-05 01:37:12Z 14024 TRACE GetPhotoStatus: $VAR1 = {
[ ... ]
2011-02-05 01:37:12Z 14024 TRACE GetPhotoStatusResponse: $VAR1 = {
[ ... ]
2011-02-05 01:47:15Z 14024 DEBUG Closed connection!
In this case, the GetPhotoStatus operation is completed successfully.
The next operation should have been an Upload, but instead the
connection is closed ~10 minutes later. This means that the Upload
operation was not completed before the connection timeout occurred.
You may try to increase the SocketTimeout in the config file to 3600
(1 hour), to see if that helps, but you will probably need to do some
kind of network level debugging to see if the card is actually
uploading data, or if it loses the connection for some reason. Useful
tools for this are programs like wireshark (
or iptraf.
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