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Simplified ajax requesst with class inheritable options.

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Simplified Prototype Ajax Requests with class inheritable options.



new Ajax.Party.Post(url, parameters, onSuccessCallback, options)

Any Prototype Ajax Options can be passed as options.

A standard form submission request looks like this:

new Ajax.Party.Post($('form').action, $('form').serialize(true), onSuccessCallback)

Or you can pass the parameters function as an argument.

new Ajax.Party.Post('/', someFunctionThatReturnsAnObject, onSuccessCallback)

Have something you need to add to all requests? Maybe the session id or rails autenticity token? Just include it in the default options.

Ajax.Party.class_default_options = {
  parameters: {
    'session_id': 'id'

Maybe you only want to set the options for post requests?

Ajax.Party.Post.class_default_options = {
  parameters: {
    'authenticity_token': 'some_token'

Every request that uses Ajax.Party.Post or one of it's subclasses will have authenticity_token.

You can create your own subclasses to further refine options. You can specify default instance and class options.

// Ajax.Party.create(class_name, default_instance_options, default_class_options)
Ajax.Party.create('FormPost', {}, { method: 'post', onSuccess: StandardForm.callback })
new Ajax.Party.FormPost($('form').action)

Or we could subclass Ajax.Party.Post and skip the method option!

Ajax.Party.Post.create('FormPost', {}, { onSuccess: StandardForm.callback })
new Ajax.Party.Post.FormPost($('form').action, $('form').serialize(true))

Or we could set set the class default option parameters as a function.

Ajax.Party.Post.create('FormPost', {}, { 
  parameters: function() { $('form').serialize(true) }, 
  onSuccess: StandardForm.callback 
new Ajax.Party.Post.FormPost($('form').action)

Or you can go even further by continuing the subclass craziness.

Ajax.Party.Post.FormPost.create('SpecialForm', {} { parameters: { special_parameter } })
new Ajax.Party.Post.FormPost.SpecialForm($('form').action)

Subclasses of AjaxParty will inherit all options of its superclasses.

Ajax.Party.class_default_options = {
  parameters: {
    'authenticity_token': 'some_token'

Ajax.Party.Post.class_default_options = {
  evalJSON: true

Ajax.Party.Post.FromPost will automaticly have the authenticity token and evalJSON parameters as will any subclasses of it. The subclass options always take precedence over the superclass options, class options take precedence over instance default options and options passed to the method take precedence over all.

Coming Soon

Better Documentation Ajax.Party.AutoComplete Testing in something other than Firefox 3


Get the tests under control.



Copyright © 2008 Kristopher Chambers <> and Elijah Miller <>, released under the MIT license

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