Filters Turner Classic Movies schedule information to find "good movies"
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This is a simple experiment to retrieve schedule information from Turner Classic Movies, using TCM's Web Services APIs as described at, and show only the movies that match my preference.

My goal is to have an automated service that notifies me when "something good" is showing on TCM so that I can set my DVR to record it. It looks for particular genres, actors, directors, and screenwriters, and for movies that have earned a four-star rating from Leonard Maltin.

The script requires Node. You need to run npm install or yarn to download the dependencies before running the script. Alternatively, if you have a UNIX-ish system, you can probably run make to download the dependencies and run the script.

The script is tcmws.js. If you run the script without any options, it will retrieve schedule information for the next seven days and write it in plain-text format to standard output.

node tcmws.js

To write the output as HTML to a file, use the --html and --output options, like this:

node tcmws.js --html --output tcm.html

For more information on the command-line options, try this:

node tcmws.js --help

For an example of the text output, see

For an example of the HTML output, see

I like film noir and classic horror and sci-fi movies. If your tastes vary from mine, just modify the definitions of favoriteGenres, favoriteActors, favoriteDirectors, and favoriteWriters in tcmws.js.

I don't know why, but once in a while the TCM web service returns invalid JSON responses with a 200 status code. If you get an error indicating that body.tcm.title is null, just try running the script again.