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Zerk Game Engine

Zerk is a JavaScript game engine developed by Kristoph Junge and others.

Zerk is based on an Entity-Component-System architecture.

Zerk aims to be able to run various types of 2D games on desktop and mobile devices.

More information can be found here

Other Software that Zerk is using:

Box2DWeb a JavaScript port of the Box2D physics library written by Erin Catto and others. Used as the main physcis engine.

JSON5 by Aseem Kishore and others. Used to to parse JSON files with comments.

Poly-Decomp a library for decomposition of polygons into convex regions writte by Stefan Hedman. Used to decompose complex polygons inside the entity editor.

Node.js by Joyent, Inc. and other Node contributors. Used to serve the zerk tool chain like the development server.


Zerk can be installed via npm.

$ npm install -g zerk

##Using Zerk

Zerk is currently at an early development stage, use it at your own risk.

Navigate into an empty game directory and run:

$ zerk init
$ zerk dev


Zerk is licensed under the MIT License.


The Zerk API documentation is available at