Donating Money

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Thanks. Here's how the money you give will be spent:

  • 100% - VPS nodes (which is the type of computer server we need) through whoever is currently the cheapest provider1


1 The provider **must** support [Net Neutrality](, an [Open Internet](, and preferably be a member of the [EFF](, [FSF](, and/or [GNU](


Month Cost Revenue Net
June 2015 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
July 2015 $23.89 $0 -$23.89
August 2015 $29.85 $0 -$29.85
Sept 2015 $28.85 $0 -$28.85
Oct 2015 $38.85 $0 -$38.85
Nov 2015 $38.85 $0 -$38.85
Dec 2015 $38.85 $0 -$38.85
Jan 2016 $38.33 $0 -$38.33
Feb 2016 $28.42 $0 -$28.42
Mar 2016 $27.92 $0 -$27.92
Apr 2016 $28.77 $0 -$28.77
Balance $382.58 $0 -$382.58

Financial Status

Initially when I started indycast in June 2015, I was mostly living off savings. I got a fulltime job around October 2015 after a 3-year hiatus so I can bankroll this thing for a while. Help would be nice though

Cost reduction status

The entire Minokawa and Nargun release cycles (covering about 4 months) were dedicated to making indycast smaller and less resource intensive. It was moved from Python 2->3 and went from multi-process to multi-thread. The current (as of this writing) Obariyon version, started March 7, 2016 does twice-an hour monitoring of network load, system load, disk usage, memory usage, network latency, open file count, thread count, and network connection count in a hope to flatline and greatly reduce all of them. The next step in May 2016 was to consolidate the servers on to fewer machines.

As of 2017 there's still a model that could make it work better. Multi-station servers (that is not having single self-contained station instances) would likely further reduce the overhead. Each station roughly sits at about 65 +/- 10MB of memory and at least some of that is the python world and the libraries overhead.

For more information on these numbers see the current network with maintainers and cost

Donating through PayPal

  1. Use the donate button on the website or just deposit it into
  2. I'll update the list of donators, dates, and amounts on this page.
  3. I'll deduct that amount from the recurring costs.

Thanks for helping

Is it tax-deductible?

No. Hiring a lawyer for that paperwork is about $300. We have to file articles of incorporation, go to court, etc ... running the servers is more important than spending the money on that. If you want to either pay for the legal effort or if you are a lawyer that does this and wants to do it for us, then please send an email to the mailing list.

Past donations

(attractive dust)

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