A Javascript Implementation of the Porter Stemmer
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The official javascript implementation of the Porter Stemmer.


This is the reference javascript implementation for the original Porter Stemmer from 1980.

There is a second project which covers the Porter2 stemming algorithm, (rev. July 2005): you can find that at the following url: https://github.com/kristopolous/Porter2-Stemmer.

The reference has also been included in the spec directory.


Include the js file, then run stemmer(<word to stem>) to return the stemmed word.

You can get a trace as to what is going on, corresponding to the steps outlined in the papers, by provding a second argument of "true" and using one of the browser debug consoles.

For instance, stemmer("hopefully", true) will output 1c /^(.*[aeiouy].*)y$/ hopefulli, telling us that rule 1c was matched by that regular expression and as a result, we got hopefulli.


As of Sept 6, 2012, PorterStemmer1980 is 100% compliant.


There is a demo available here

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