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Arbitrary code injection

Imagine if you could create a hook inside a function in javascript that gives you a window into that instantiation.

You could run arbitrary code using the arguments or the this object or any local variables that function had.

You could run a function over again without a reload, essentially replaying all the code.

How it was built

I've done a writeup on this library available over here.

that is precisely what this library does.

This was talked about on stackoverflow

You could view the demo.html, which has been conveniently placed here for observation

// Watch as we can execute specifically scoped code arbitrarily after
// the function is done.
function some_time_later() {

  // Here we utilize the reference created below to do arbitrary things 
  document.body.innerHTML += [

    // We'll increment the internal variable, usually inaccessible.
    'Incrementing an internal variable: ' + _inject.ref('++internal'),

    // Display the arguments that were passed in in that specific instance
    'Showing the function arguments: ' + _inject.ref(
      "' :: ')"

    // We can even pass in entire functions.  They will maintain the scope and
    // relevancy of the function; as if the code was run at the point of injection
    // at the time of injection.
    'Injecting an entire function: ' + _inject.ref(function(){
      return' :: ')

    // Here we show how we've preserved the this pointer.
    'Showing that the this pointer is preserved: ' + _inject.ref('this.pointer'),

    // And now, all together: 
    //  * a preserved this pointer 
    //  * an internal variable
    //  * an argument that was passed in
    // All in a normal function without any special work.
    'A medley of features: ' + _inject.ref(function(){ 
      return [
      ].join(' :: ') 

// This library preserves function arguments so that you can write
// live, on the fly code on a running system as if you are directly 
// in the middle of a specific instantiation of any given function, 
// anywhere in your application.
(function (arg0, arg1){
  // It also preserves the this object in an eloquent manner
  // that requires no extra effort on your part and is available
  // for arbitrary real-time interactive inspection and manipulation
  this.pointer = 'internal-this';

  // Normally the variable below would be inaccessible outside of this
  // function. This library gives you the freedom inspect and manipulate a 
  // specific instance of these variables and then utilize them in this 
  // exact context of the function.
  var internal = 1;

  // To invoke the library, simply call something like:

  // After this is done, you've created a function at _inject.ref 
  // that accepts blocks of code, either as strings or entire 
  // functions that can be globally at any time within the current 
  // scope of this function, even after the function has returned
  // You can use it to do post-mortem debugging in a debug
  // console such as those that are included in IE and Chrome
  // or in Firebug.

}) ( 'arg0', 'arg1' );


setTimeout(some_time_later, 1000);