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This is my custom script to build vim on some random box that I need to develop from. It's constantly changing on an as-needed basis.

Install from source

To install, just run


This will download the freshest vim and install it strictly in your $HOME/bin directory. Your distribution's vim won't be touched at all. This is a non-clobbering pollution free method. If you want to get to your distributions vim, there's a symlink set up in your $HOME/bin/ directory to vim-dist which should track back to /usr/bin

Install just the dot files

orr if you have everything built and you think everything is good.


Screenshots ... everyone loves screen shots

acidx is also used above.

some notes

I've been using vim since about 1997. This is my personal configuration and is really only supported on debian systems because that's what I tend to come in contact with. If you'd like to use it, then great. Have fun.

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