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Please use the FriendsOfSymfony bundle instead.
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  1. Add this bundle and Abraham Williams' Twitter library to your project as Git submodules:

      $ git submodule add git:// src/Bundle/Kris/TwitterBundle
      $ git submodule add git:// src/vendor/twitteroauth
  2. Add the TwitterOAuth class to your project's autoloader bootstrap script:

      // src/autoload.php
          'TwitterOAuth' => __DIR__.'/vendor/twitteroauth/twitteroauth',
  3. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

      // application/ApplicationKernel.php
      public function registerBundles()
          return array(
              // ...
              new Bundle\Kris\TwitterBundle\KrisTwitterBundle(),
              // ...
  4. Configure the twitter service in your YAML or XML configuration:

      # application/config/config.yml
        alias: twitter
        consumer_key: 123456879
        consumer_secret: s3cr3t
      # application/config/config.xml

Using Twitter @Anywhere

A templating helper is included for using Twitter @Anywhere. To use it, first call the ->setup() method toward the top of your DOM:

  <?php echo $view['twitter_anywhere']->setup() ?>

Once that's done, you can queue up JavaScript to be run once the library is actually loaded:

<span id="twitter_connect"></span>
<?php $view['twitter_anywhere']->queue('T("#twitter_connect").connectButton()') ?>

Finally, call the ->initialize() method toward the bottom of the DOM:

  <?php $view['twitter_anywhere']->initialize() ?>

Configuring Twitter @Anywhere

You can define a custom callback URL to use for the Twitter @Anywhere authentication process by setting a kris.twitter.anywhere.callback_url parameter in your configuration:

# application/config/config.yml
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