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  • Added the possibility to configure additional load paths for less and lessphp
  • Added the UglifyCssFilter
  • Fixed the handling of directories in the GlobAsset. #256
  • Added Handlebars support
  • Added Scssphp-compass support
  • Added the CacheBustingWorker

1.1.0-alpha1 (August 28, 2012)

  • Added pure php css embed filter
  • Added Scssphp support
  • Added support for Google Closure language option
  • Added a way to set a specific ruby path for CompassFilter and SassFilter
  • Ensure uniqueness of temporary files created by the compressor filter. Fixed #61
  • Added Compass option for generated_images_path (for generated Images/Sprites)
  • Added PackerFilter
  • Add the way to contact closure compiler API using curl, if available and allow_url_fopen is off
  • Added filters for JSMin and JSMinPlus
  • Added the UglifyJsFilter
  • Improved the error message in getModifiedTime when a file asset uses an invalid file
  • added support for asset variables:

    Asset variables allow you to pre-compile your assets for a finite set of known variable values, and then to simply deliver the correct asset version at runtime. For example, this is helpful for assets with language, or browser-specific code.

  • Removed the copy-paste of the Symfony2 Process component and use the original one
  • Added ability to pass variables into lessphp filter
  • Added google closure stylesheets jar filter
  • Added the support of --bare for the CoffeeScriptFilter
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