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@@ -73,25 +73,36 @@ foreach ($css as $leaf) {
The core provides the following filters in the `Assetic\Filter` namespace:
* `CoffeeScriptFilter`: compiles CoffeeScript into Javascript
+ * `CompassFilter`: Compass CSS authoring framework
* `CssEmbedFilter`: embeds image data in your stylesheets
* `CssImportFilter`: inlines imported stylesheets
* `CssMinFilter`: minifies CSS
* `CssRewriteFilter`: fixes relative URLs in CSS assets when moving to a new URL
+ * `DartFilter`: compiles Javascript using dart2js
* `GoogleClosure\CompilerApiFilter`: compiles Javascript using the Google Closure Compiler API
* `GoogleClosure\CompilerJarFilter`: compiles Javascript using the Google Closure Compiler JAR
+ * `GssFilter`: compliles CSS using the Google Closure Stylesheets Compiler
* `HandlebarsFilter`: compiles Handlebars templates into Javascript
* `JpegoptimFilter`: optimize your JPEGs
* `JpegtranFilter`: optimize your JPEGs
+ * `JSMinFilter`: minifies Javascript
+ * `JSMinPlusFilter`: minifies Javascript
* `LessFilter`: parses LESS into CSS (using less.js with node.js)
* `LessphpFilter`: parses LESS into CSS (using lessphp)
* `OptiPngFilter`: optimize your PNGs
+ * `PackagerFilter`: parses Javascript for packager tags
* `PackerFilter`: compresses Javascript using Dean Edwards's Packer
+ * `PhpCssEmbedFilter`: embeds image data in your stylesheet
* `PngoutFilter`: optimize your PNGs
- * `CompassFilter`: Compass CSS authoring framework
* `Sass\SassFilter`: parses SASS into CSS
* `Sass\ScssFilter`: parses SCSS into CSS
+ * `ScssphpFilter`: parses SCSS using scssphp
* `SprocketsFilter`: Sprockets Javascript dependency management
* `StylusFilter`: parses STYL into CSS
+ * `TypeScriptFilter`: parses TypeScript into Javascript
+ * `UglifyCssFilter`: minifies CSS
+ * `UglifyJs2Filter`: minifies Javascript
+ * `UglifyJsFilter`: minifies Javascript
* `Yui\CssCompressorFilter`: compresses CSS using the YUI compressor
* `Yui\JsCompressorFilter`: compresses Javascript using the YUI compressor
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