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Added the recess filter for *.less files. This filter is based on the standard less filter, but is also able to compile Bootstrap 3.0. As of Bootstrap 3.0 the only officially supported compiler is recess.

@boteeka boteeka referenced this pull request Aug 7, 2013

Recess support #463


It's surprisingly bad to see things like this being just ignored by the maintainers :(


👍 to @boteeka


Well, this is not yet of the highest quality, more like a quick hack to make it work. Currently I am on a vacation, but I am planning to improve on it and add tests as well. Please be patient ;-)


Thanks for this! Tests will need to be fixed before merging this, of course. What other changes do you have in mind, @boteeka?


My current approach is probably only working for bootstrap, which is a one-file-includes-everything situation. I want to make it work with multiple paths as well. The Less filter accepts an array of paths to compile while Recess does not, or not in the same way. So I still have to smooth things out on that front. And the necessary tests, of course :-)


The Less filter accepts an array of paths to compile while Recess does not, or not in the same way

The LessFilter in Assetic only supports a single input file as well. It runs on the asset content, not on files in the paths given to it. The array of paths is here to let it known from which folder it can import other files (because the asset content itself is not in this folder anymore as it can have been processed by another filter)

boteeka added some commits Sep 7, 2013
@boteeka boteeka Use the includePath option of recess
Use the absolute path of the asset as recess compiler operates only on filepaths, not the content
@boteeka boteeka Added tests for LessRecessFilter 7083d06

@stof you're absolutely right. Implemented fix to properly use the includePath option of recess.


I’m using recess as a linter..would be great to have assetic use it to compile too.

@boteeka boteeka referenced this pull request in symfony/assetic-bundle Oct 14, 2014

Add config for lessrecess filter (for *.less files) #219

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