Allow to set encoding config for compass filter. #511

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This allow to set the default and external encoding for compass filter. That help to fix encoding issues (like this).
Even it is solvable by addin @charset "utf-8" I don't wan't to modify third party libraries that rely on encoding = "utf-8" or Encoding.default_external = "utf-8" in the config.rb.


kriswallsmith commented Oct 25, 2013

Please add a test. Closing in the meantime.


stof commented Oct 25, 2013

@kriswallsmith the issue with closing is that @tristanlins cannot reopen it (when a maintainer closes an issue, only maintainers can reopen it)

I recently find out, that this depend on the ruby version. With ruby 1.8 it is not required to set the encoding (setting the encoding will fail with a ruby error). With ruby 1.9 it is required, otherwise it may fail with an "Invalid US-ASCII character" error.

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