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Converts Android audio playlist database to standard M3U
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Android stores your playlists in a SQLite database located at /data/data/ m3truid is a Python application that converts playlists stored in this database into standard *.m3u files.

  1. Pull external.db

If you have a rooted phone:

adb root
adb pull /data/data/

If you don't have a rooted phone:

  1. Install dependencies

  • Install Python or ActivePython version 2.x (NOT 3.x) on your PC.
    • Choose to add Python to your PATH environment variable
  • From a command prompt, run:
pip install slugify
  1. Download & Run

  • Download
  • Run python or double-click on the file.
  • Press ENTER to accept the suggested values.
  • The M3U files contain relative paths to the media files. Store the M3U in the base folder that will be prompted.
  • Only audio files are supported.


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