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Project website for a PhD Research on BCMI with Meditation
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This acts as the logbook for the project.

This github repository is setup to archive my PhD work titled 'Brain Computer Music Interfacing with Meditation'. The website is an archive of the main outcomes. This file is the more detailed log, that keeps me focused.

The main contributor to this research is Fredik Olofsson. He does magic with the machines.


  • test wifi with new sc code;
  • understand sc code;
  • write a questionnaire for 1) NF 2) meditators 3)


  • check news on open bci forum and github


  • find y cable, ask Ian, can one side be OK as well? - amazon;
  • how to test iPhone as a hotspot;
  • what does openbci forum and github say about wifi-issues?
  • research battery, buy one on amazon?
  • how to involve the accelerometer in the measurements?;


  • what water is best (normal, filtered)?
  • how to clean the shell?
  • does anything in the shell corrode?
  • print enclosure - which is good for cyton+wifi+battery?


  • experiment with impedance (new shell/sponge, diff locations, etc.)
  • redesign sequencer;
  • visualisation like spectral data for pace of live drumming;

NF / soundscapes

  • shall we add deep meditation to focus and mindfulness?
  • how does Jeff Strong know the accurate BPS?
  • check what HemySync used in their training e.g what sounds they add, what BPS/hz they use, how it is shifted;
  • do we ask the listener to 'listen' to the music, or shall it be in the background (like when problem solving)?
  • polymetre vs polyrhythm;
  • Sufi music;


  • organise literature folder;
  • check where the paper could be submitted;
  • organise resources page;
  • compare jeff, binaural, isotropic, ...


  • add menu: resources, link to github


  • did i register?


2019 04 01

  • testing new code;
  • writing business proposal for Andy Wilson Application;

2019 03 29

2019 03 18-28

  • testing code from Fredrik (bcmi diary 18-21); mainly comparing fft plots in OpenBCI and SuperCollider;
  • brainstorming about the idea of having our own bci kit (that we sell);

2019 03 10-11

  • tested new code from fredrik (youtube);
  • fine tuned order of execution with OpenBCI_GUI (youtube);
  • fine tuning designated OS;

2019 03 7 (Thu)

  • making sample pack;

2019 02 26 (Wed)

Experimenting with auto trim/split in Reaper. Fine adjustments to this tool are needed in order to do loads of manual tasks.

  • todo: need to find out how to record this instrument (get in touch with Gareth, Matt and Mark);
  • discussion here;

2019 02 26 (Tue)

  • Recordings of frame drum in ARU studio.
  • Checking 3d printer in the ARU.
  • thinking about the accelerometer on board be used instead of FEELTRACE? probably not, there should be an external system for this, as the head movement might make use feel different;

2019 02 11-14 (Tue-Thu)

Jeff Strong's Drumming course: pre course and first week done, frame drum ordered, practicing basic patterns;
rewriting tempoClock in new software; ideas for listening test (more in email to Fredik subject: quick update)

Read on AI and D R Hofstadter:

2019 02 10 (Mon)

Enrolled on Jeff Strong's Drumming Course. Trying to ask them to make it all available.

2019 02 07 (Fri)

continue with Jeff Strong videos and notes; thinking about odd meters and tempo changes (speed up or down) in SC;

2019 02 07 (Thu)

research on Jeff Strong and his drumming techniques;
more on coming blog post 'jeff strong'; testing new sc widgets that look like OpenBCI GUI widgets;

2019 02 06 (Wed)

started redesigning the TempoClock part of the seq;

2019 02 04 (Mon)

Test new code from Fredrik.

2019 02 03 (Sun)

OpenBCI-SuperCollider update test (bcmi diary 11 video:

2019 02 01 (Fri)

  • conversations about corrosion on EEG electrodes;
  • checking forum and github issues;
  • tested impedence with openbci_gui and greentek, i expected a difference between the electrode heads with the black flap and the once which seem to look brand new with the silver part, but after having experimented for a while, they delivered similar results. now.
    • I move the reference electrode back to REF from CZ, and it seemed to reduce the impedance (WHY?);
    • let's try brand new sponges;
    • let's check the water, i've used normal water;

2019 01 31 (Thu)

  • tested new softAP from Fredrik, doesn’t seem to be usable as there are too many lost packages;
  • tested new OpenBCI_GUI for impedance issue, they updated it, now it work.
  • there might be a problem with EEG corrosion, hence the high impedance I've been measuring;

2019 01 30 (Wed)

  • firmware update with FTDI cable, quark update - test;
  • issues with distance and connection between shield/router/computer

2019 01 28 (Mon)

  • fresh Sierra install;
  • following Fredik’s Wifi install guide:
  • uploading basic firmware in programming mode;
  • had slight issue with connecting wifi shield to home wifi/computer wifi (wifi manager) solution might be to get close to the router; now sc streams data from wifi;

2019 01 24-25 (Thu-Fri)

  • Fredrik shared info on how to setup the Wifi OSC;
  • needs testing;

2019 01 27-28 (Thu-Fri)

2019 01 21 (Mon)

2019 01 10 (Sun)

  • changed REF from REF to Cz after talking to William Croft:
  • need to find a way to use ear-clips for REF with y cable;
  • experimented with positioning the board and cables next to me on a chair to reduce 50hz noise and reduce impedance: all worked out;
  • for the last few weeks I have been pre-soaking the electrode shells and sponges for around 30 mintutes, when I add them to the cap, they are very wet - seems to help;

earlier outcomes on the project website

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