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-CommonJS Utils is a collection of various CommonJS modules.
+CommonJS Utils is a collection of various CommonJS modules. Modules include:
+# extend-error
+This module returns a factory for creating custom Error constructors. The extend-error
+export is a function:
+* ErrorConstructor(name, superError) - Creates a new error constructor. For example:
+ MyError = require("commonjs-utils/extend-error")("MyError", Error);
+ ...
+ throw new MyError("something went wrong");
+# json-ext
+This module allows for JSON-style parsing with additional JavaScript constructs like
+undefined, NaN, Infinity, and dates. The following functions are exported:
+* parse(str) - Parse the provided JSON-style object, array, or primitive literal string.
+* stringify(value) - Encodes the provided value as a JSON-style object, array, or primitive literal.
+# base64
+Provides conversion between JavaScript strings and base64. The base64 module exports:
+* encode(str) - Encode the provided string in base64
+* decode(base64) - Decode a base64 string to a normal string
+More extensive information on CommonJS utilities can be found here:
CommonJS Utils is part of the Persevere project, and therefore is licensed under the
AFL or BSD license. The Persevere project is administered under the Dojo foundation,

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