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Name conflict for some Linux users #14

dylans opened this Issue Jul 2, 2012 · 2 comments

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dylans commented Jul 2, 2012

Some linux users already have this package as cpm:

Would it make sense, since CommonJS doesn't really have much to do with AMD packages anyway, to rename cpm to something like amdpm, or if you want to keep cpm, perhaps cpmjs ? I realize neither are as easy to type. Could also go with dpm or jspm (haven't checked to see if there are popular packages with these names).

kriszyp commented Sep 27, 2012

I'm fine with changing the name. Maybe we should decide on a name and do the rename in coordination with the next release of a package repo site?

kitsonk commented Oct 8, 2012

@dylans is suggesting amdpm but that just looks strange to me and doesn't "roll of the tongue" so to speak.

A few thoughts:

  • amdpm is a Linux kernel module for AMD Power Management
  • dpm is a npm package, but doesn't appear to be a common shell command if at all
  • jspm isn't a npm package nor appears to be a common shell command
  • cpmjs isn't used either, but I think it is important to "drop" CommonJS from it, since they have "abandoned" AMD and it would only go to confuse the situation.
  • adman is a bit quirky and appears to be generally not used

I like adman because it sort of works verbally "adman your dependencies" and "did you adman update?" (Also, because I came up with it).

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