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Add checkbox for NPM submission

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1 parent f297984 commit 3c8f352f2e560ef10bf175b9fa02df594eb33d6f @kriszyp committed Jul 1, 2011
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9 public/submit.html
@@ -6,8 +6,15 @@
<form method="POST" action="/">
<div>Enter the URL of your package you want to submit (like </div>
- <input type="text" name="url" value="" style="width: 300px" />
+ <input type="url" name="url" value="" style="width: 300px" />
+ <div>To link to your package from the NPM registry (this will make it available for installation in Node through NPM, only do this if your package is Node compatible):
+ <input type="checkbox" name="npm" />
+ </div>
<input type="submit" />
+ <div>
+ A template for creating packages for this repository is available here:
+ <a href=""></a>.
+ </div>

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