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Fixed source code example

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commit b5985b73f0aa74bd0ec7ebda2144bd075a53aa4f 1 parent dfb295d
Kris Zyp authored

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@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ data objects to validation layers to compose more sophisticated data models, tha
72 72 then be bound to UI elements. To bind to a validator, first we create a validator, giving
73 73 it a validation definition (based on JSON Schema), and then we bind it to a property or
74 74 object:
  75 +
75 76 require(['dbind/bind', 'dbind/Validator'], function(bind, Validator){
76 77 // create a validator and bind it to a property of myObject
77 78 var myProperty = bind(new Validator({type:"number", maximum: 20, minimum: 10})).

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