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This document outlines changes since 0.3.0. For older changelogs, see the dgrid wiki.


Breaking changes

GridFromHtml and OnDemandGrid

The GridFromHtml module no longer automatically mixes in the OnDemandGrid module, mixing in only Grid instead, in order to support the option of using alternative store-backed mechanisms such as the Pagination extension. This may cause existing code which relied on GridFromHtml and loaded from a store to break. Such cases will now need to mix in OnDemandList manually (they don't need to mix in OnDemandGrid, since Grid is still inherited by GridFromHtml).

There are a couple of ways to deal with this. In Dojo 1.8, when parsing dgrid instances declaratively, the new data-dojo-mixins attribute can be used to mix OnDemandList into GridFromHtml:

<table data-dojo-type="dgrid/GridFromHtml" data-dojo-mixins="dgrid/OnDemandList" data-dojo-props="...">

In the case of Dojo 1.7, dojo/parser doesn't understand module IDs, and so a global reference to the dgrid components used is needed. Changing such code to mix in OnDemandList involves nothing more than an additional use of declare:

<table data-dojo-type="dgrid.OnDemandGridFromHtml" data-dojo-props="...">
    var dgrid = {}; // declared in global scope
    require(["dojo/_base/declare", "dojo/parser", "dgrid/GridFromHtml", "dgrid/OnDemandList", ..., "dojo/domReady!"],
    function(declare, parser, GridFromHtml, OnDemandList, ...) {
        // Create dgrid constructor with necessary components, available in the global scope.
        dgrid.OnDemandGridFromHtml = declare([GridFromHtml, OnDemandList]);

        // Parse the document, now that the above constructor is available.

Significant changes


  • All dgrid components now have scrollTo and getScrollPosition methods, either inheriting from TouchScroll (see below) or implemented in List based on scrollTop and scrollLeft. Updates have been made to dgrid components where necessary to leverage these methods.
  • All dgrid components now respond to set("showFooter") consistently with set("showHeader"). (#284)
  • It is now possible to initialize or later set CSS classes on a dgrid component's top DOM node via "class" or className. (#183)
  • _StoreMixin (used by OnDemandList and the Pagination extension) now includes a reference to the grid instance in emitted dgrid-error events (via a grid property on the error object).
  • The TouchScroll module has undergone significant changes and improvements:
    • uses CSS3 translate3d to take advantage of hardware acceleration
      • a util/has-css3 module has been added with has-feature tests to detect CSS3 features to be used by TouchScroll
    • implements increased tension and bounce-back beyond edges
    • displays scrollbars as appropriate while scrolling
    • implements scrollTo and getScrollPosition methods to allow manipulation and retrieval of scroll information based on CSS transformations
    • allows configuring how many touches are necessary to activate scrolling, via the touchesToScroll property


  • The ColumnSet mixin now defines a styleColumnSet method, which is analogous to Grid's styleColumn method, but instead adds a style rule for the class on nodes containing the entire columnset contents for a row.
  • The Keyboard mixin now defines focus and focusHeader methods, for programmatically focusing a row or cell (depending on the value of the cellNavigation setting). (#130)

Column Plugins

  • The tree column plugin now supports a collapseOnRefresh property in the column definition; if set to true, it will cause all parent rows to render collapsed whenever the grid is refreshed, rather than remembering their previous state.
  • The tree column plugin now supports a allowDuplicates property in the column definition; this can be set to true to allow for cases where the same item may appear under multiple parents in the tree. Note however that it limits the capabilities of the row method to the top level only. (#147)


  • A CompoundColumns extension has been added, which allows defining column structures which include additional spanning header cells describing the contents beneath.
  • The ColumnHider extension has undergone some refactoring to make it more extensible and to provide a public API for toggling the hidden state of a column, via the toggleColumnHiddenState(columnId) method.
  • The ColumnReorder extension has been refactored to allow reordering of columns within the same subrow or columnset in more complex column structures, in addition to the previous ability to reorder columns in simple single-row structures.
  • The DnD extension now properly supports touch devices when used with Dojo 1.8.
  • The DnD extension now supports specifying a getObjectDndType function, for customizing the DnD type reported for each item rendered.

Other changes and fixes


  • Several accessibility issues have been addressed, including fixes to the roles reported by certain elements, and labels added to the Pagination extension's controls. (Partly attributed to #273)
  • Grid: calls to cell with a falsy columnId value now work properly. (#198)
  • Fixed an issue with dgrid instances not reacting correctly to window resize.
  • Fixed an issue affecting odd/even row classes on in-place updates. (#269)
  • Fixed a rendering issue involving confusion of preload node dimensions. (#161)
  • Fixed an issue causing tree level indentation to render improperly when used with the Pagination extension.
  • Fixed a deprecated API call in _StoreMixin. (#272)
  • Improved logic in OnDemandList to properly account for lists with displays which tile items using display: inline-block.


  • The ColumnSet mixin now behaves properly when calling set("columnSets", ...). (#202)
  • The non-standard colsetid attribute assigned to nodes by the ColumnSet mixin has been replaced with the data-dgrid-column-set-id attribute.
  • The Selection mixin will now properly reset _lastSelected when clearSelection is called. (#175)
  • The Selection mixin will now wait until mouseup when handling mouse events on targets that are already selected. (#251)

Column Plugins

  • The expand method defined by the tree column plugin will no longer be called at all in reaction to events on rows which report no children.


  • The ColumnHider extension now supports setting hidden and unhidable together, resulting in the column being hidden and not being present in the popup menu (but it can still be shown programmatically). (#199)
  • The ColumnHider extension now behaves appropriately for columns with no label defined. (#244)
  • A number of protected members in the ColumnHider extension have been renamed:
    • _toggleColumnState has been replaced by _setColumnHiddenState and the public API toggleColumnHiddenState mentioned above
    • _toggleHiderMenu has been renamed to _toggleColumnHiderMenu
    • _columnStyleRules has been renamed to _columnHiderRules
  • An issue with the ColumnResizer extension which could cause distortion of width values on the first resize has been fixed. (#291)
  • The DnD extension can now drag non-root tree items in Dojo 1.8 only by passing allowNested: true to the source via dndParams. (#68)
  • The DnD extension now behaves better with regard to synchronizing with dgrid's Selection mixin, and also with regard to dragging when some selected nodes are no longer in the DOM. (#185, #246)
  • The DnD extension now adds CSS to adequately override spurious styles which can leak in from dijit.css in Dojo 1.8. (#255)


Significant changes

  • Column plugins can now define the following functions on column definitions, providing more opportune timing for initialization and tear-down:
    • init, which will be executed at the time the grid's column configuration is (re-)applied
    • destroy, which will be executed when the grid is destroyed, as well as before a new column configuration is applied
  • The tree plugin now supports the following column definition properties:
    • shouldExpand(row, level, previouslyExpanded), a function providing for conditional automatic expansion of parent rows (#141)
    • indentWidth, an integer specifying the size (in pixels) of each level's indent (note that the default is now 9, though it was previously 19)
    • renderExpando(), a function which can replace the default logic for rendering the expando node (the arrow next to the content of each cell)
  • The editor plugin now augments the grid instance with an edit(cell) method which can be used to programmatically activate the editor in a given cell.
  • A util/mouse module has been added, which exposes simulated events for the mouse entering and leaving grid rows and cells. (#165)
  • A package.js has been added in order to streamline the build process. package.json has been updated to reflect the presence of package.js and reference the latest versions of xstyle and put-selector, each of which now have a package.js of their own.

Other Fixes

  • Mouse events for expanding/collapsing rows in tree grids should be a bit more reliable. (#112)
  • Rows expanded in a tree grid which has been started up but is currently hidden will now be rendered properly when re-shown. (#140)
  • The tree and editor plugins can now both be used on the same column, by wrapping editor with tree. (#144)
  • sortable now defaults to false for columns where field is "_item" or entirely unspecified (in which case there's nothing to sort by anyway). (#149)
  • The Pagination extension now behaves appropriately with empty result sets. (#173)
  • The ColumnHider extension now iterates over subRows rather than columns, making it a bit more reliable in general. (#164)
  • A couple of issues with the DijitRegistry extension were identified and fixed. (#146, thanks jdohert)
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