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tag: 1.0.0b
Commits on Oct 20, 2007
  1. @slightlyoff

    workaround for IE mail demo failure. Refs #4806. This is a workaround…

    slightlyoff authored
    …, NOT a fix. The root cause is still unknown.
Commits on Oct 19, 2007
  1. @wkeese
  2. refs #4798 remove tabindex=-1 from first img node as it is not needed…

    Becky Gibson authored
    …. add waRole=presentation.
  3. @wkeese
  4. @wkeese
  5. @wkeese
  6. Fixes #4787: reintroduces layout function, removes old incorrect layo…

    David Bolter authored
    …ut comment, removes some cruft. (Refs #4312)
  7. Fixes #3548, removes a suspect line, now gives FF2 highcontrast mode …

    David Bolter authored
    …dialogs acceptable behaviour.
  8. @phiggins42

    refs #4769 - disable noir references for 1.0beta / 1.0 in case it doe…

    phiggins42 authored
    come up to par in time.  also adds links in _testCommon to jump to the 
    themeTester direcly, or back to the root dijit tests/ folder.
  9. Fixes #4706 (pressing space with focus on a tree node causes an error…

    Simon Bates authored
    …) and a number of other keyboard issues introduced with the introduction of a root node and the merging of the tree Controller into Tree: pressing up arrow while at the top of the tree no longer causes an error on IE, letter key navigation no wraps correctly rather than causing an error when at the end of the navigation sequence (eg. pressing "e while on the last visible node starting with "e"
  10. @slightlyoff

    ensure that Declarations always use a string template for constructio…

    slightlyoff authored
    …n instead of the potential node-cached variant. Fixes #4643
  11. @wkeese
  12. @wkeese

    Fixes #4725: make capitalization for CSS classname dijitTextArea matc…

    wkeese authored
    …h what's in the template (although it's strange that the CSS class is called dijitTextArea but the widget is called Textarea)
  13. @phiggins42
  14. @peller

    Some reductions. Refs #4714

    peller authored
  15. @wkeese

    Deprecate dijit.form.InlineEditBox and switch existing tests to use d…

    wkeese authored
    …ijit.InlineEditBox. Refs #4098
  16. @wkeese

    Split off DateTextBox tests to a separate file, like TimeTextBox.

    wkeese authored
    Also, rename test_TimePicker.html to test_TimeTextBox.html.
    Refs #4133.
  17. @wkeese

    Fixes #4784: dijit.form.TimeTextBox drop down on IE6 was much too wid…

    wkeese authored
    …e, taking up the whole screen.
  18. @ktiedt

    fixing inadvertent changes during r10952

    ktiedt authored
    refs #3381 (rolling back to this revision basically)
  19. @wkeese
  20. @phiggins42

    refs #4133 - serious style and code changes to _Picker and TimeTextBox.

    phiggins42 authored
    intriuces ie6 regression regarding popup width and offsetWidth ... but is in much better working state.
    adds testcase for TimeTextBox, too. no tundra styling. all work is being done in dijit.css atm - defer to dijit experts on how to break out styling, and still
    needs more tundra-eqsue styling some.
  21. @ktiedt

    fixes #4775

    ktiedt authored
    fixes #4754
    refs #4781
    updated test file for the first ticket... and added dijit.focus() call to onBarClick function for 2nd ticket... third ticket I believe might be a bug in dijit.focus() test it out by loading test_Slider.html and then doing dijit.byId('slider1').focus() it flashes focused and then unfocused.
Commits on Oct 18, 2007
  1. @wkeese

    Fixes #3429: Tooltip: support multiple node ids in the connectId attr…

    wkeese authored
    Patch from Cameron Braid (CLA on file), but I had to update it because it got stale.
  2. @wkeese
  3. @wkeese
  4. @wkeese
  5. @wkeese
  6. fixes #4767 no indication of current item in combobox drop down. fixe…

    Becky Gibson authored
    …d by adding .dijit_a11y .dijitMenuItemHover to draw dotted border.
  7. @wkeese

    Select all text on start of edit, which fixes IE problem of no cursor…

    wkeese authored
    … in input box. Refs #4098.
  8. @wkeese
  9. @wkeese

    Fixes #4391: Bottom of button cut off with IE (7?) and soria theme.

    wkeese authored
    Again, fixes issues with setting height on display:inline nodes that needed to be inline-block.
    Patch from Sam Foster (thanks Sam!).  CLA on file.
  10. Use dojo.isDescendant() rather than dojo.query("[tabindex=0]") to che…

    Simon Bates authored
    …ck if we are collapsing a subtree with focus. dojo.query("[tabindex=0]") was always returning an empty list on IE. Also fixed a issue with focus being lost when collapsing a subtree that does not have focus. Fixes #4664.
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