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Commits on Dec 19, 2010
Commits on Dec 18, 2010
  1. Refs #11621. Change Tree_with_JRS.html to use event-based tests since…

    Douglas Hays authored
    … it is randomly failing on Chrome 8 due to timeouts.
Commits on Dec 17, 2010
  1. @wkeese

    Turns out document.css halfway-depends on dojo.css, specifically for …

    wkeese authored
    …the YUI reset code. Without it <body> gets an 8px padding that offsets full-viewport !BorderContainers. Not sure whether to make document.css duplicate everything from dojo.css, or assume that dojo.css is loaded by the app, or import it. For now, @import dojo.css and only override rules where claro changes the values.
    Refs #11616.
  2. @peller

    Redo of [23371] Remove global reference, fix some typos, declare glob…

    peller authored
    …al function in closure. Refs #11490
  3. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  4. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  5. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  6. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  7. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  8. Tweaking test. \!strict #refs #12024

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
  9. Trying to fix the copy/paste issue in webkit by using the nested div …

    Jared Jurkiewicz authored
    …to isolate it from accidentally picking up body styles in copy. \!strict #refs #12024
  10. @wkeese

    Initial conversion of claro CSS files into LESS format, using semanti…

    wkeese authored
    …c variables for almost all of the colors.
    The CSS files are now generated, so shouldn't be edited manually anymore.  See README for instructions on how to compile LESS files into CSS files.
    There are a bunch of TODO's about claro color selections that seem inconsistent with the rest of the theme.   I've marked those with TODO's in the new files.
    Refs #12099.
  11. @wkeese

    rollback [23371], it makes themeTester.html fail on load (with an exc…

    wkeese authored
    …eption in firebug), refs #11490
  12. @wkeese

    Fix [23340] regression where you can't see the splitters being dragge…

    wkeese authored
    …d when liveSplitters=false. Refs #11030, fixes #12078 !strict.
  13. @wkeese

    Simplify code computing max size a pane can be expanded to, in order …

    wkeese authored
    …to support future where there are multiple panes with the same region (ex: two top panes). As before, a problem remains with the slider disappearing when the center pane has a scrollbar and is shrunk less than about 50px tall, since the browser demands that much space just to draw the scrollbar.
    Refs #11030 !strict.
Commits on Dec 16, 2010
  1. Fixes #11687. Check both value and label == "" to distinguish a separ…

    Douglas Hays authored
    …ator node from an empty option that has a &nbsp; label but also has value == "". Added automated test to show that required is working. Adjusted some automated test timings to work on a slow machine. !strict
  2. @peller

    revert [23373] Refs #11786

    peller authored
  3. @peller

    demonstrate problem with splitter size < 20. Refs #11786 Patch does n…

    peller authored
    …ot seem to solve the problem entirely.
  4. @peller

    repair artwork. Refs #10527

    peller authored
  5. @peller
  6. @wkeese
Commits on Dec 14, 2010
  1. Refs #7681. Change test file timeouts from 27 hours to 16 minutes sin…

    Douglas Hays authored
    …ce WebKit has been randomly hanging.
  2. Refs #7681. Slow-down mouse-text selection to make Chrome work more c…

    Douglas Hays authored
  3. @wkeese

    Fix id mismatch between test_!CheckBox.html and !CheckBox_mouse.html,…

    wkeese authored
    … and fix invalid HTML in test_!CheckBox.html. Refs #10340.
  4. @wkeese

    Adding keyboard support for multi-select to dijit.tree. This involves…

    wkeese authored
    … a slight refactoring, in that selection functionality is now fully delegated to the dndController. Previously selection code was duplicated between dijit.Tree and dijit.tree._dndSelector.
    Introduces watchable "paths" and "selectedNodes" attributes representing [the path to] each selected node in the tree
    Thanks to jhpriestley (!TeamPatent, CCLA) for the patch!
    Fixes #12042 !strict.
  5. @wkeese

    Get !ExpandoPane working again after [23276] (refs #11816) and [23340…

    wkeese authored
    …] (refs #12078), !strict.
    Reintroduced separate !ContentPane._layoutChildren() method since !ExpandoPane was referencing it and other classes might be theoretically referencing it too.
  6. @wkeese
  7. @wkeese

    Due to form field autocomplete giving spurious test failures, just ch…

    wkeese authored
    …eck to test whether focus worked. Refs #11995. Even setting autocomplete=false didn't stop the autocomplete on IE7.
Commits on Dec 13, 2010
  1. @wkeese

    Convert !BorderContainer to use dijit.layout.layoutChildren() rather …

    wkeese authored
    …than custom layout code. Refs #11030, fixes #12078 !strict.
  2. @shaneosullivan

    Refs #11289 Fixes multiple bugs with the dojox.form.DateTextBox widge…

    shaneosullivan authored
    …t. The base digit classes on which it is built changed the names of some private methods, breaking the dojox equivalents. This fixes that, as well as making the widgets more fault tolerant when their values are set from a text box
Commits on Dec 12, 2010
  1. Fixes #12079. Adjusted test timings and canceled the insert link/imag…

    Douglas Hays authored
    …e dialog programmatically after a double-click.
  2. Refs #10340. Programmatic test was setting the wrong id attribute cau…

    Douglas Hays authored
    …sing LABEL to not work and preventing proper focus.
  3. Fixes #12077. Add max-width CSS to TD for WebKit.

    Douglas Hays authored
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