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Made core changes to draft:

* Changed "required" attribute to an array of strings.
* Removed "format" attribute.
* Added "minProperties" and "maxProperties" attributes.
* Replaced "slash-delimited" fragment resolution with "json-pointer".
* Added "template" LDO attribute.
Removed irrelevant "Open Issues" section.
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1 parent e22117f commit baa948a31dddf6642d299c9d4722319a49bccbb1 @garycourt garycourt committed Nov 29, 2011
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@@ -1,5 +0,0 @@
-* "required" is now an array, for object instances
-* "format" deprecated
-* "slash-delimited" replaced with "json-pointer"
-* new "minProperties" and "maxProperties"
-* new "template" on LDO
@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ Content-Type: application/json;
<section title="required">
- <t>This attribute indicates if the instance must have a value, and not be undefined. This is false by default, making the instance optional.</t>
+ <t>This attribute is an array of strings that defines all the property names that must exist on the object instance.</t>
<section title="dependencies">
@@ -421,6 +421,14 @@ Content-Type: application/json;
<t>This attribute defines the maximum number of values in an array when the array is the instance value.</t>
+ <section title="minProperties">
+ <t>This attribute defines the minimum number of properties required on an object instance.</t>
+ </section>
+ <section title="maxProperties">
+ <t>This attribute defines the maximum number of properties the object instance can have.</t>
+ </section>
<section title="uniqueItems" anchor="uniqueItems">
<t>This attribute indicates that all items in an array instance MUST be unique (contains no two identical values).</t>
@@ -463,32 +471,6 @@ Content-Type: application/json;
<t>This attribute is a string that provides a full description of the of purpose the instance property.</t>
- <section title="format">
- <t>This property defines the type of data, content type, or microformat to be expected in the instance property values. A format attribute MAY be one of the values listed below, and if so, SHOULD adhere to the semantics describing for the format. A format SHOULD only be used to give meaning to primitive types (string, integer, number, or boolean). Validators MAY (but are not required to) validate that the instance values conform to a format.</t>
- <t>
- The following formats are predefined:
- <list style="hanging">
- <t hangText="date-time">This SHOULD be a date in ISO 8601 format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ in UTC time. This is the recommended form of date/timestamp.</t>
- <t hangText="date">This SHOULD be a date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD. It is recommended that you use the "date-time" format instead of "date" unless you need to transfer only the date part.</t>
- <t hangText="time">This SHOULD be a time in the format of hh:mm:ss. It is recommended that you use the "date-time" format instead of "time" unless you need to transfer only the time part.</t>
- <t hangText="utc-millisec">This SHOULD be the difference, measured in milliseconds, between the specified time and midnight, 00:00 of January 1, 1970 UTC. The value SHOULD be a number (integer or float).</t>
- <t hangText="regex">A regular expression, following the regular expression specification from ECMA 262/Perl 5.</t>
- <t hangText="color">This is a CSS color (like "#FF0000" or "red"), based on <xref target="W3C.CR-CSS21-20070719">CSS 2.1</xref>.</t>
- <t hangText="style">This is a CSS style definition (like "color: red; background-color:#FFF"), based on <xref target="W3C.CR-CSS21-20070719">CSS 2.1</xref>.</t>
- <t hangText="phone">This SHOULD be a phone number (format MAY follow E.123).</t>
- <t hangText="uri">This value SHOULD be a URI.</t>
- <t hangText="email">This SHOULD be an email address.</t>
- <t hangText="ip-address">This SHOULD be an ip version 4 address.</t>
- <t hangText="ipv6">This SHOULD be an ip version 6 address.</t>
- <t hangText="host-name">This SHOULD be a host-name.</t>
- </list>
- </t>
- <t>Additional custom formats MAY be created. These custom formats MAY be expressed as an URI, and this URI MAY reference a schema of that format.</t>
- </section>
<section title="divisibleBy">
<t>This attribute defines what value the number instance must be divisible by with no remainder (the result of the division must be an integer.) The value of this attribute SHOULD NOT be 0.</t>
@@ -606,7 +588,7 @@ Content-Type: application/json;
<eref target=""></eref> (draft-03 version).
- <section title="href">
+ <section title="href" anchor="href">
The value of the "href" link description property
indicates the target URI of the related resource. The value
@@ -741,6 +723,10 @@ GET /Resource/
+ <section title="template">
+ <t>This property value is a string that defines the templating language used in the <xref target="href">"href"</xref> attribute. If no templating language is defined, then the default <xref target="href">Link Description Object templating langauge</xref> is used.</t>
+ </section>
<section title="targetSchema">
<t>This property value is a schema that defines the expected structure of the JSON representation of the target of the link.</t>
@@ -994,6 +980,17 @@ Content-Type: application/json; profile=/schema-for-this-data
<section title="Change Log">
<list style="hanging">
+ <t hangText="draft-04">
+ <list style="symbols">
+ <t>Changed "required" attribute to an array of strings.</t>
+ <t>Removed "format" attribute.</t>
+ <t>Added "minProperties" and "maxProperties" attributes.</t>
+ <t>Replaced "slash-delimited" fragment resolution with "json-pointer".</t>
+ <t>Added "template" LDO attribute.</t>
+ <t>Removed irrelevant "Open Issues" section.</t>
+ </list>
+ </t>
<t hangText="draft-03">
<list style="symbols">
<t>Added example and verbiage to "extends" attribute.</t>
@@ -1042,16 +1039,5 @@ Content-Type: application/json; profile=/schema-for-this-data
- <section title="Open Issues">
- <t>
- <list>
- <t>Should we give a preference to MIME headers over Link headers (or only use one)?</t>
- <t>Should "root" be a MIME parameter?</t>
- <t>Should "format" be renamed to "mediaType" or "contentType" to reflect the usage MIME media types that are allowed?</t>
- <t>How should dates be handled?</t>
- </list>
- </t>
- </section>

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