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dependent package.json #15

dvv opened this Issue Nov 26, 2010 · 1 comment

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dvv commented Nov 26, 2010


Does nodules honor package's package.json, in particular, its dependencies key? I have a package which requires some stuff A for its internal purposes. This stuff is mentioned in its dependencies. Now I want to require my package from another project B. The package gets downloaded but the first require(A) fails since there's no mapping for A in B's package.json. Bug or feature? To specify internal dependencies of A in B's package.json is quirky, unclean and breaks orthogonality and opaqueness brought by packaging either.


dvv commented Nov 26, 2010

Effectively, since in my package I already have "mappings" which resolves all its internal dependencies, I just need that package package.json to be appended to package B package.json

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