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This is an example Wiki built with Persevere 2.0. It is recommended that you
-use [Nodules]( on Node to run this example so that
-all dependencies will be automatically resolved, or you can also use the nightly
-build that bundles with Narwhal. Once installed, you can download this package and from
-the root folder simply run:
+install this package with NPM, so that
+all dependencies will be automatically resolved:
- node /path/to/nodules.js
-or for Narwhal:
+ npm install persevere-example-wiki
- jackup
+And then go into the installed directory and run the index.js to start the wiki:
+ cd node_modules/persevere-example-wiki
+ node index.js
+See [the Persevere installation instructions]( for
+more information on installation or installing on RingoJS.

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