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[Tunguska]( is a comet-based
distributed publish/subscribe hub for server side JavaScript (NodeJS, Rhino/RingoJS).
-Tunguska is publish subscribe framework for building applications around a
-publish-subscribe system with real-time message delivery
+Tunguska enables building applications around a
+pubsub paradigm with real-time message delivery
to browsers. An introduction to Tunguska can be [found here](
Tunguska can be installed as NPM package using:
npm install tunguska
Tunguska consists of several modules:
-## hub
+# hub
This is the actual publish-subscribe hub. The hub is a simple, easy to use set of channels
for publishing and listening for events, but includes some powerful features. To use the
@@ -31,15 +31,15 @@ And to unsubscribe:
hub.unsubscribe("name/of/channel", listenerFunction);
-### Return Values
+## Return Values
Calls to publish, subscribe, and unsubscribe will return an array of promises that
represent the eventual return value from each subscriber. One can therefore determine
when all the messages have been delivered, and if there was failures. In a distributed
environment, the return value from subscription requests can be monitored to determine when the subscription
has been distributed to all hubs.
-### Globbing/Wildcards
+## Globbing/Wildcards
Tunguska supports wildcarding/globbing for subscriptions. We can subscribe to a set
of channels like:
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ we could choose to only listen to the "system" messages on a channel:
hub.subscribe("name/of/channel", "system", systemListener);
-### Named Events
+## Named Events
And we can define name of the type of events with the "type" property in our published
messages. For example:
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ whenever a channel becomes free of any subscribers. For example:
(This is used by the connectors)
-### Client Identity/Echo Suppression
+## Client Identity/Echo Suppression
Tunguska provides echo suppression by defining client identities. This is an important
feature for distributed pubsub because it allows you to define efficient message routing
@@ -111,11 +111,11 @@ client. For example:
hub.fromClient("client-1").publish("name/of/channel", {name:"msg-1"}); // will not fire the listenerFunction above
hub.fromClient("client-2").publish("name/of/channel", {name:"msg-2"}); // will fire the listenerFunction
-### jsgi/comet
+# jsgi/comet
This module consists of several JSGI appliances.
-#### Connections
+## Connections
@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ request.clientConnection. The connection queue object has the following properti
* send(message) - This can be called to send a message to any connected client
* onclose() - This event is called/triggered when a connection is closed
-#### Broadcaster
+## Broadcaster
require("tunguska/jsgi/comet").Broadcaster(path, subscriptionApp, nextApp)
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ the subscriptionApp will be called next and can handle defining any subscription
should be made (to the hub) and routing received messages to the connection queue.
If the path is not matched, the nextApp is called.
-#### Subscriber
+## Subscriber
require("tunguska/jsgi/comet").Subscriber(subscriptions, nextApp)
@@ -153,15 +153,15 @@ setup argument, or if the subscriptions argument is omitted, any subscriptions
provided in the request, and subscribes to given channels on the hub, and forwards any received messages
to the connection queue object.
-#### Notifications
+## Notifications
require("tunguska/jsgi/comet").Notifications(path, subscriptions, nextApp)
This combines all three middleware appliance above into a single middleware appliance. The path defines
the comet end-point. The subscriptions parameter is optional and can specify the set
of channels to subscribe to. The nextApp is called for requests that don't match the path.
-### connector
+# connector
require("tunguska/connector").Connector(connectionId, stream);

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