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Updated documentation to be more specific about the level of support …

…for different CSS properties.
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@@ -30,7 +30,8 @@ applied can be explicilty controlled for each stylesheet.
30 30
31 31 The shims.css stylesheet (referenced in the example above) includes a number of out
32 32 of the box shims to upgrade older browsers for modern CSS properties including: opacity,
33   -bottom, right, transition, border-radius, box-shadow, box-sizing, border-image, transform.
  33 +bottom, right, transition, box-shadow, box-radius, box-sizing, border-image, transform
  34 +(for some of these, browsers must at least support vender-prefixed versions of the properties).
34 35 The shims.css stylesheet also defines shims for pseudo selectors including hover and focus.
35 36 By @import'ing shims.css into a stylesheet, these shims will be defined and we can using.
36 37 The rule definitions are transitive, so if stylesheet A @import's stylesheet B, which @import's
@@ -92,7 +93,8 @@ another stylesheet that expected to come after the target sheet due to it's @imp
92 93 <h1>Available Shims (and limitations)</h1>
93 94 The following shim modules come with XStyle:
94 95 * xstyle - XStyle itself provide vendor prefix shimming with the prefix property. This is
95   -used to shim border-radius, box-shadow, box-sizing, and border-image.
  96 +used to shim border-radius, box-shadow, box-sizing, and border-image (for browsers
  97 +that use support these properties with vendor prefixes).
96 98 * shim/ie-filter - This creates MS filters to emulate standard CSS properties. This is used to shim
97 99 box-shadow and transform.
98 100 * shim/transition - This provides animated CSS property changes to emulates the CSS transition property.

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