Chrome extension to convert tokens (function names, global variables, defines) in source code in github into clickable links to their definitions.
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Watch a demo:

watch a demo

Hublinks is a tiny Chrome extension that helps you explore GitHub repositories. Variable names, function calls, typedefs, etc. are linked to their definitions in the repository. Hovering over them with the mouse previews the defining source code lines in a popup.

The task of parsing symbol definitions is outsourced to exuberant ctags and pyctags.


BUG: First, visit and tell Chrome to accept the certificate, because it's self-signed. Otherwise, it won't work.

Download the static.crx file and open it with Chrome to activate the extension, and then open your favorite source file in any public Github repository.


It's an unfinished hack. It works with exactly the languages that ctags knows, which is a respectable set of languages. Sometimes the links are unhelpful.

We haven't implemented authentication, so private repositories won't work. We've observed it dying on large repositories, ie. don't try it on the jdk7 repository. <--- hahahahaha