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A.I. for GNU Image Manipulation Program

are welcome. This branch will no longer be updated and would only work with GIMP 2.10 and python 2.7 on mac and linux. Only GIMP3-ML branch will be updated in future which is targeted for python3 and GIMP3 (with windows and linux support) .

[June 2] GIMP3-ML branch development started.
Old Updates:
[January 9] Added image inpainting. (Existing users should be able to update.)
[November 28] Added interpolate-frames.
[October 31] Use super-resolution as a filter for medium/large images.
[October 17] Added image enlightening.
[September 27] Added Force CPU use button and minor bug fixes.
[August 28] Added deep learning based dehazing and denoising.
[August 25] Simplified installation and updating method.
[August 2] Added deep matting and k-means.
[July 17] MonoDepth and Colorization models have been updated.

Screenshot of Menu


Installation Steps

Install GIMP 2.10 with Python 2.7


[1] python command in terminal should point to GCC Apple LLVM Python 2.7.
[2] Install GIMP 2.10.22
[3] Open GIMP,Python-Fu should appear in the Filters menu.


[1] Install GIMP 2.10 sudo apt install gimp
[2] Install Python 2.7 sudo apt install python2.7 , followed by sudo apt install python python-cairo python-gobject-2
[3] Download Files:
[4] Install the above downloaded files with sudo dpkg -i *.deb
[5] Open GIMP,Python-Fu should appear in the Filters menu.

Install GIMP-ML

[1] Clone this repository: git clone
[2] Open terminal, go to GIMP-ML/gimp-plugins and run :
[3] Open GIMP and go to Preferences -> Folders -> Plug-ins, add the folder gimp-plugins and restart GIMP.
[4] Go to Layer->GIMP-ML->update, click on ok with "update weights" set to yes and restart GIMP. (Weights ~ 1.5GB will be downloaded)

Manual install description if above is not working: Link


Please cite using the following bibtex entry:

  title={GIMP-ML: Python Plugins for using Computer Vision Models in GIMP},
  author={Soman, Kritik},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.13060},

Model Zoo

Name License Dataset
facegen CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 CelebAMask-HQ
deblur BSD 3-clause GoPro
faceparse MIT CelebAMask-HQ
deepcolor MIT ImageNet
monodepth MIT Multiple
super-resolution MIT ImageNet
deepmatting Non-commercial purposes Adobe Deep Image Matting
semantic-segmentation MIT COCO
kmeans BSD -
deep-dehazing MIT Custom
deep-denoising GPL3 BSD68
enlighten BSD Custom
interpolate-frames MIT HD
inpainting CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DIV2K


If anyone is interested in contribution, then please see our GIMP3-ML branch--> Link


GIMP-ML is MIT, but each of the individual plugins follow the same license as the original model's.