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Modifying Expectations : Outreachy Week 7 8

Kriti Singh edited this page Jul 27, 2019 · 2 revisions

Since my project title was Improving C API documentation for NumPy, I had planned on a very strict roadmap on how to proceed with each section, at what time and how, which is still a priority and is ongoing, and are halfway of the things originally planned. However, I realized that if I try starting to solve some beginner issues, which could be anything from bug fixes, minor enhancement or deprecations, I would be more comfortable with the internals of the NumPy API and NumPy in general and that would ultimately benefit my project by giving me a deeper understanding of how things are actually working and the process will speedup, for example, the search spree would take less time, I can think of more meaningful sentences, and less time in figuring out appropriate places to include them in addition to the obvious benefits of contributing in the core NumPy code, getting to know the internals at a magnified level and becoming a better Python programmer.

I discussed with my mentors about the same, and they were totally happy with my suggestion. I soon got some tracking issues to work on, and suddenly had much more doubts than ever before (I really hoped Matti and Sebastian don't regret their decision on encouraging me to write code and tests :P now that I asked a lot of questions). Couple weeks into that, I actually started understanding what members talked about in the community meetings held every Wednesdays! (Yeah, in the first couple weeks, I did not understand almost anything :P) The most difficult part in this phase was to understand where are all the pointers defined which were used in a particular function. I have been contributing in open source for a considerably long time now and trust me, I never saw these many pointers in any other code ever!

Things I worked on during these weeks :-

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