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Native windows/mac/linux functions for openFrameworks
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Native functions for openFrameworks


✓  = Implemented
✗  = Missing (implemented, but does nothing... calling it won't hurt)
Method Description Windows OSX Linux
showFile(string path) Reveals a file in explorer/finder
openFile(string path) Opens a file with the default application
setMinimumWindowSize(GLFWWindow & window, int w, int h) Sets the minimum size of a window
setWindowAlwaysOnTop(GLFWWindow & window, bool onTop) Toggles "float on top" for a window
maximizeWindow(GLFWWindow & window) Maximizes the window
setThreadName(const string & name) Sets the name of the current thread. Note:Renaming other threads would be possible in Windows, but not in OSX
canShowConsole() Checks if there is a attached system console that can be shown/hidden
getConsoleVisible() Returns true if the console is visible
setConsoleVisible(bool show) Shows/Hides the windows system console. This requires the linker flag subsystem:console
getSystemDataFolder() Returns a location in a global folder (Application-Support on OSX, %APPDATA% on windows), ~/.local/share on linux
(getSystemDocumentsFolder) Returns the location of the user's documents folder untested missing
  1. returns binary folder


When adding methods/implementations make sure to update this documentation as well.


MIT License

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