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Playify opens Spotify links in various other streaming services and offers integration with the GPMDP. It can also convert playlists to Google Play Music. Watch the video


How it works

It's simple. You click on a Spotify link, and it opens in your streaming service of choice. For the best experience, the Google Play Music Desktop Player is recommended. If you don't want to open a song in Spotify, add #no-playify at the end of the URL.


To use the Google Play Music Desktop Player, click on the Playify icon in the Chrome Toolbar and select Google Play Music Desktop Player. The next time you open a Spotify link, Playify will prompt you to enter a four-digit code that will be displayed in GPMDP. Notice that GPMDP must be running in the background and the Playback API (Websocket API) needs to be enabled.

Transfer playlists

You can find more information about transfering playlists with Playify here.


Parts of Playify have been split up into multiple repos:


Spotify, Google, and other mentioned brands are not affiliated with this project.


If you're feeling generous, I would really appreciate a small donation to keep the extension in development and the servers running. Thank you! Donate with Paypal