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Quickly equip your local music files with high quality ID3 tags.
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Taggler is a CLI to quickly equip your local music files with high quality ID3 tags. It supports multiple data sources and ID3 writers.

Installation and Usage

With npm:

npm i -g taggler # you may need to run it as root, depending on your npm install
taggler "Smash Mouth - All Star.mp3"

or run it without installing using npx:

npx taggler "Smash Mouth - All Star.mp3"

You can also tag multiple files or directories at once:

taggler "Cory Wong - The Optimist/" # tag whole directory
taggler . # tag all files in current directory
taggler "Smash Mouth - All Star.mp3" "Cory Wong - Light as Anything.mp3" # tag multiple files


Taggler is divided up into scrapers, writers and the Taggler CLI, that communicates with the former ones. Scrapers (like the Spotify scraper) try to find as much metadata about a file, which is then passed to a writer (like the ffmpeg writer) which actually bakes the data into the previously untagged file. This allows for various data sources and infinite customisability.


# 1. Fork the repo and clone it:
git clone "$USER/taggler.git"
cd taggler
# 2. Install dependencies and link them
yarn bootstrap
# 3. Create a branch
git checkout -b feat/my-cool-feature
# 4. Begin coding!
code . && exit
# 5. Push and create PR
git push
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