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Last updated: 6/12/2017

Author: krnese

Azure Resource Manager - Demystified


This is an instructor led hackathon, where the trainer will present and demo on Azure Resource Manager.

  • To access the presentation used for this hackathon, click here

· Authoring

Learn how to author Resource Manager templates to be capable of creating, deploying and managing any of your cloud resources, following best-practices

· Management

Resource Manager is the front-door to every Azure service, which puts it in a unique position with regards to management. Learn best practices for authoring and deployment of templates, and go beyond deployment to use Resource Manager to manage your resources; using RBAC, tags, resource locks and polices. We will also cover how to easily scale and plug IaaS and PaaS services into Azure management services, such as Log Analytics, Automation, Backup & Site Recovery, and more! Last but not least, you will learn how to create an Azure Managed Application, and use templates for life-cycle management.

· Troubleshooting

Every now and then, you need to dive a bit deeper in order to troubleshoot, to really understand what is going on. Learn about the techniques, where to find what, how to use the information and resolve the issues by identifying the root cause.

· Infrastructure as Code

The days where you had to log-on to your servers to perform some post-deployment tasks, are long gone with Resource Manager. We'll move away from the 'traditional way' of doing infrastructure, and trust Resource Manager to extend the capabilities, and harness the Azure platform while performing every configuration end-to-end. This section will also focus on the key resource providers in Azure, such as Compute, Storage and Networking

We can promise you the following:

· Best practices advice's around the covered topics

· Inspiration

· Enthusiasm

· Key learning, using real-world scenarios from the field


We have some recommended reading we suggest you familiarize yourself with, prior to attending this hackathon.

Azure Resource Manager templates - structure and syntax

Azure Resource Manager templates - best practices

Design patterns for Azure Resource Manager templates

Deploy templates using PowerShell

Azure Resource Policies - overview

Azure Resource Manager - troubleshooting

Continuous integration in VSO using Azure Resource Manager

Hands-on labs

Get started with the hands-on labs!