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DBSlayer adapter for DataMapper 0.9
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initial conversion to yajl-ruby. HTTP request JSON responses are now …

…parsed directly off the socket *as it's being received*

Signed-off-by: Ken Robertson <>
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DBSlayer DataMapper Adapter

DBSlayer is a HTTP-based front end for MySQL databases. It allows you to abstract away your database layer over a fast,
lightweight web server that speaks JSON.

DBSlayer offers a lot of possibilities in high-load environments by centralizing all DB connections, improving failover and
load balancing, and has many future possibilities centered around easy sharding, monitoring, and more.

This module allows DataMapper to speak to a DBSlayer enabled database. It is currently targeting DataMapper v0.9.


The code is available at Github:

git clone git://

To install it, just run the following:

rake install


To set up the adapter, just use the following in your code:

DataMapper.setup(:default, ‘dbslayer://localhost’)

You don’t specify the database, as it is normally configured within DBSlayer itself. You just need to configure the host.
By default, it will use port 9090.

If you are using a database.yml, you should use:

development: adapter: dbslayer host: localhost

Special Setup

Currently, DBSlayer requires a patch to work properly with DataMapper. By default, DBSlayer won’t return the number
of affected rows or insert ID for new records. These are needed by DataMapper after creating a record, and to determine
if a save operation succeeded. The patch is included in the ‘patch’ directory.

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