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Automates some configuration tasks for Citrix Xenserver Guests

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Create and start a new VM with custom xenstore data:

UUID=`xe vm-install template=mytemplate  new-name-label=newvm`
xe vm-param-set uuid=$UUID xenstore-data:vm-data/ip=
xe vm-param-set uuid=$UUID xenstore-data:vm-data/gw=
xe vm-param-set uuid=$UUID xenstore-data:vm-data/nm=
xe vm-param-set uuid=$UUID xenstore-data:vm-data/ns=
xe vm-param-set uuid=$UUID xenstore-data:vm-data/
xe vm-start uuid=$UUID

Install scripts on guest VM:

Copy usr/sbin/xe-set-* into /usr/sbin/ and chmod +x

Install Upstart script on guest VM:

Copy etc/init/xe-automate.conf into /etc/init/


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