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Game Programming at SUNY Oswego
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  1. Java 98.7%
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Game Programming at SUNY Oswego

Run by entering a directory and entering

./gradlew desktop:run

Gradle may have to install.

Homework 1 is my rendition of Space invaders. There are cheat codes listed in cheats.txt

Homework 2 is a grid of tiles with terrain values. Clicking two tiles will highlight the optimal path from the first to the second using the ASTAR algorithm.

Homework 34 (3 & 4) is a game where a guard stands and rotates at the corner of a "building". His view is visible to the player, who can move around with the arrow keys. Should the player move into the guard's view, the guard will chase the player until either he catches the player, or the player escapes his view. At this point the guard will return to his post using object avoidance to avoid hitting the building.

Homework 67 (6 & 7) is my video game version of ProjectBACK, a text-based game I made after my second programming course. The player moves across tile-based rooms finding chests and creatures which the player can loot and battle. The game features a pokemon style battle mode in which armor, weapons, and other stats all play a role.

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