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As you know, it is much easier to work with database using objects instead of string queries: no typos in queries, easy to get, update and write back data, to say nothing about getting user data from front-end forms and saving it to the database.

sqlite3-wrapper is built around sqlite3 package and provides four functions to work with data: select, insert, update and delete.


First, connect to a database:

var db = require('sqlite3-wrapper').open('./database.sqlite')

// select * from users where username = "John"{table: 'users', where: {username: 'John'}}, function(err, users) {

    if ((users || []).length > 0) {
        // update users set password = "12345" where id = <>
        db.update('users', {password: '12345'}, {id: users[0].id}, function(error, changes) {
            // error: sqlite3 error, 
            // changes: number of rows updated (if any)
    } else {
        // insert into users (username, password) values ("John", "12345")
        db.insert('users', {username: 'John', password: '12345'}, function(error, id) {
            // error: sqlite3 error
            // id: id of the created row


This wrapper extends the db object returned by sqlite3.

To see the queries that sqlite3-wrapper produces, set db.logQueries = true: queries and parameters will be logged to the console.


where clause is an object, too. It has two forms:

  1. Keys for table field names, values for field values. e. g. { parentId: 8341, isLeaf: 1 }
  2. Where clause (string) and params array: { clause: "where parentId = ? and isLeaf = ?", params: [8341, 1] }

Examples above effectively become where parentId = 8341 and isLeaf = 1

When the value is an array, like this: { tags: ['coding','database'], idGroup: [13,15,17] }

It will generate an IN clause: WHERE tags IN ("coding","database") AND idGroup IN (13,15,17)

select(query, callback)

  • query: an object, possible properties:

    • table (required, string): table name
    • fields (optional, string or array of strings): fields to return, e. g. ["title", "price"]
    • limit (optional, integer): maximum number of records to return
    • offset (optional, integer): number of records to skip
    • order (optional, string): order, e.g. "name desc"
    • where (optional): where object

    It is also possible to pass a query string instead of a query object:'select distinct category from records', ...)

  • callback (optional): function(error, rows)

    • error: sqlite3 error
    • rows: array of rows that match the query

update(table, changes, where, callback)

  • table: table name
  • changes: an object with fields to update and their values, e. g. {username: "John", password: "12345"}
  • where (optional): where object
  • callback (optional): function(error, changes)
    • error: sqlite3 error
    • changes: number of rows changed

insert(table, row, callback)

  • table: table name
  • row: an object to insert to the database, e. g. {username: "John", password: "12345"}
  • callback (optional): function(error, id)
    • error: sqlite3 error
    • id: id of the new row created, 0 if error

delete(table, where, callback)

  • table: table name
  • where: where object
  • callback (optional): function(error, changes)
    • error: sqlite3 error
    • changes: number of rows deleted


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