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RFC 6455 #3

egger100 opened this Issue Jan 18, 2012 · 4 comments

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Any chance of updating the web socket protocol to the latest version? (

I've been able to fix most of the issues besides message encoding when sending messages.

Thanks for the great work!


Hi egger100,
I do plan on updating the supported WebSocket protocol. Before working on that however, I'd like to complete the current version which adds support for Arduino 1.0 and Ethernet, which should be soon. Once that's complete, I'll be adding support for WiFly again and then focusing on the WebSocket protocol version.

perezd commented Feb 11, 2012

if we can do so, it'd be excellent to make it support the current hixie-based standard, + the new one, and use an ifdef to load the desired instance, or something of that nature.


I've been playing with this this evening. A five minute change seems to be all that's needed to work as hixie76. Proof of concept here;

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