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Vinícius Krolow

Mobile: 55 48991500225
Location: Florianópolis - SC, Brazil

I am a passionate programmer. I'm always learning and teaching. My main focus is to write simple code that solves the given problem. For me, simple code leads to, and is itself: reliable, maintainable and has good readability. I'm not a fan boy of any technology, but I like to learn new languages, paradigms and technologies to be able to pick the best option for a given job.

A long of the last decaded I have been developing and architecture web applications, for several differents domains, some of those applications envolve: static web sites, mobile API, mobile apps, domain system languages, file converters, API, social apps, CMS's, distributed systems, REST API, CLI, web scraper, etc...


I'm looking for a position to work as a full stack developer or backend developer to architecture and build software that matters for end users, where I have technical challange to solve, in a work environment where I'm challanged to keep moving, learning and be able to share and teach other co-workers.


Likes: React, Redux, Functional, OOP, Microservices, Docker, Node.js, Ruby, Rails, Python, Javascript, Angular
Dislikes: .NET (But the .NET API looks good, unfortunally its related to windows env)
Willing to work: Go, Elixir

##Education 2008-2009 | Graduation degree in Project Management
2004-2007 | Undergraduate degree in Software Analysis and Development

##Professional Experience

Software Engineer - Broadly (January 2017 - current)

I have been working as a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at Broadly core product.

Software Engineer - Auth0 (July 2016 - January 2017)

I've been working as Software Engineer in development experience four our internal crews. Part of the job is related to provide tools/services/automation for the crews in order ensure good practices, code quality and reduce as much as possible all the frictions in deploy/maintain/development of our services/applications.

In other words it involves:

  • chatops; automation of process; monitoring;
  • reduce frictions for local development
  • enable easily deployment of internal applications and services;
  • test new technologies to be used for production;
  • creation/maintain and automation of code quality process;
  • creation/maintain of tools to audit production applications and internal tools;
  • release management;
  • facilitate the use of best practices during development cycle;

Challenges / Highlights:

  • introduce best practices in a on going production software;
  • dockerize the development environment;
  • increase visibility for code quality, by adding automation code reviews, tests reports;

Stack: chatops, mongodb, postgresql, bots, kubernetes, docker, redis, javascript, nodejs, react, ES6, TDD, traefik, etcd, jenkins, rabbitmq, elasticsearch, babeljs

Full Stack Software Developer - Bravi Software (May 2015 - Jul 2016)

I have been working in architecture and develop bravi products, in a service oriented architecture by applying TDD to write code to create micro-services with scale as guide, those micro-services are running into docker containers, in a continuous integration environment with automation of deploys to our own servers that are running CoreOS.


Challenges / Highlights:

  • Microservice oriented architecture using nodejs with support to multi tenant;
  • Real time game state machine for the quiz application;
  • Organization tree to map students of college to enable navigation between nodes, segmentation of data, and prediction averages based on tree nodes;
  • Pipeline to import students for prediction system using cassandra;

Stack: Node.js, Java (Android), Javascript, Docker, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, Microservices, Redis, Etcd, React, Redux, ES6, Babeljs, Rx, Universal/Isomorphic/Single app page, TDD.

Chief Whatever Officer - Conrad Caine (October 2014 - April 2015)

I was hired to do the middle side between the management department and the development cycle, to help build a technical team more productive and reduce frictions.


  • Reduce the friction between developers and project manages, by introducing crews oriented per project;
  • Chatops automation to creation of management projects, git repositories, and servers to deploy;
  • Test and develop using new technologies to open new opportunities for the company and coach develop team about new practices;
  • Support the creative team with technical insights for pitches;
  • Be an evangelist of company culture to help spread the companies name for new hires;
  • Introduce tools to support code quality;

Stack: Node.js, Coffescript, Riak, Angular.js, MongoDB, Microservices

Full Stack Software Developer - Freelance (February 2014 - current)

I have been accepting some contracts/and/freelance a long of the years mainly associated with web development or consultance in technology, it involes:

  • Consulting on software development
  • Architecture of web applications
  • Development of web applications
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Development of back-end applications

Challenges / Highlights

  • Web platform in angular and nodejs to make proctoring of online exams, by identifying the student using face recognition and screen analyze to ensure that students are not cheating in online exams;
  • Parking CMS system multi-tenant with integrations with stripe/ and parknet
  • Website platform for real stated integrated with their own system;
  • Web platform in python to show electricity consume of electronics equipment;
  • a geotracking platform with real time monitoring, push to talk conversations using WebRTC, and a management platform to handle points of interest and routes;
  • Social game for babaloo using CakePHP

Stack: PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Javascript, GIT, HTML, Puppet, Emberjs, Angular.js, Coffescript, MySQL, Mongodb, OpenCV, WebRTC, Express, Compoundb, Titanium, Bootstrap, Firebase, Vagrant, Puppet, Symphony 2, Rails 4, Emberjs, Phonegap / Ionic, AWS, Heroku, Django, TDD

Full Stack Software Developer - Snapwire Innovations (September 2013 - August 2014)

I worked as full stack developer, creating a new parking platform, been working remote with a distributed team, working in backend with node.js, front-end with angular/backbone, creating automation tools process to generate reports, real-time dashboards and a mobile app written in titanium;

Challenges / Highlights:

  • Real time dashboard to show the states of every vehicles zones and car gates;
  • TCP communication with gates barriers;
  • Mobile application to create the totem iteration with parking users;
  • Manager application to handle all aspects of parking: customers, recurring customers, prices, payments, zones, places, etc...

Stack: Phonegap / Ionic, Compoundb, Titanium, Firebase, Angular, Backbone, Node.js, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL

Software Engineer - Conrad Caine GmbH (September 2013 - February 2014)

I've worked in Sales2go, a sales platform synchronization. One of our main customers, Siemens had a challenge of keep product presentations (videos, slides, pdf) updated a cross the globe for their several sales teams. The product solved that problem, by creating a platform where they are able to upload all these files, with all the metadatas necessary to easily identify the files and sync these data in a mobile application (ipad/android/iphone/tablets).

Challenges / Highlights

  • The presentations (slides) in use were all created using Powerpoint with all the fancy animations and iterations, at the given time there were not such application in mobile that handle all the features of powerpoint native, so it was necessary to create an conversion process of these slides to provide the content as images/videos for the mobile applications be able to handle the same behavior that the presentations had in powerpoint;
  • Creation of an abstract CMS that would handle any hierarchy tree based on our customers kind of projects;
  • Architecture a new pipeline to convert media, to be use multiple process and scale for tons of customers, it was achieved by introduced a distrusted architecture of multiple workers;
  • Versioning system to keep mobile apps updated with changes in meta data and media files;

Stack: PHP, Symfony 2, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Silex, Cilex, Windows Powerpoint COM, REST, MySQL, Puppet, Vagrant

Software Engineer / Project Leader - Cake Development Corporation (February 2013 - September 2013)

I worked as a CakePHP expert at the company behind the framework CakePHP. During the time I have worked for several customers by doing:

  • Code reviews;
  • Creation of features;
  • Refactoring applications;
  • Teaching the best pratices;
  • Front-end development;
  • CakePHP plugins to accomplish customer needs;

Challenges / Highlights

  • Migrate legacy codes to a CakePHP oriented architecture;
  • Creation of CMS on top of CakePHP to accomplish customers needs;
  • Write a system to synchronize data between online and offline servers for customer use the application at art events;
  • Architecture and implement an API translator platform, where it was able to translate API protocols like SOAP to REST, XHTTP, etc..

Stack: PHP, CakePHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Vagrant, Puppet, Croogo, MySQL, PgSQL, Node.js

Software Developer / Project Leader / Head of backend team - Conrad Caine GmbH (March 2008 - January 2013)

I have started as a programmer at Conrad Caine, and in a short period of time I've become a leader developer, and in the end of 2010, I have become the head of Back-End team. During this time I've develop more than 50 apps/websites/blogs/facebook aps/mobile, most of them leading, architecture, estimating, planning, hiring people, managing resources...

Work activities:

  • Technical Projects Architecture;
  • Projects Estimations;
  • Define technologies to be used;
  • Find and create new solutions improve the development process;
  • Lead Development Teams;
  • Control the Team work;
  • Control the Team projects;
  • Apply Training for the Backend Team;
  • Create assignments for the Backend Team;
  • Define standards for the team;
  • Create solutions for any task or problem that arises.

Challenges / Highlights

  • Bet sports platform by scrapping bets API and indexing data, by normalizing name of soccer teams, events, players and comparing the data to indicate the best odd to bet (, For the scrap was created a structural framework (Marsvin) written in PHP (language that team knows) to allow usage of multiple processors to speedup the parser process;
  • Drupal CMS for large companies like
  • SMS marketing platform
  • Real-time pac man game to be used in events, where players could use their mobile to scan a qr code and open one website that would control the pac man game in a big screen;
  • Reputeer a product to keep track of people reputation, by doing crawlers that get data from facebook, linkedin, twitter, web news, to keep people informed about their reputation at internet;
  • Realtime dashboard for Siemens, showing all information related to company, like news, social medias, twitter, everything that people were saying about the company;
  • Youtube marketing platform to upload videos cross channels, and dashboard to easily check the views numbers of those multiples channels;
  • Several hotsites, facebook apps, CMS

Stack: PHP, CakePHP, Javascript, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Vagrant, Puppet, Node.js, Python, Flask, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, PgSQL, REST, Symfony 2, Zend, Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, Silex, Objective-C

Backend developer - Localhost TI (November 2007 - March 2008)

Owner and Software developer, mainly working with web development based on CakePHP for small sites.

Stack: PHP, CakePHP

Backend developer - Wvtrês (November 2005 - January 2008)

Working in several web site for local business, using CakePHP and Template Power.

I got involved in the development of more than 20 websites a long of this time, most of the jobs are related with custom CMS creations to attend the customer needs.


  • CMS platform for large horse creators (Cavalos Crioulos), by integrating their offline data to the web;
  • CMS to create multi tenant sites containing: photo album, news, articles, blogs, etc...

Stack: PHP 4, CakePHP, Javascript, Template Power


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