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"KaM Remake" is an RTS game remake written in Delphi from scratch.
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Bugreports Bugreport Jul 22, 2013
Campaigns Korean translation of OFL by 전정욱 Dec 8, 2018
Docs Minor formatting Jul 26, 2015
Installer Version numbers/todos for new release Dec 9, 2014
KaM Editor Refactoring Feb 28, 2017
MapsMP Set new command RGB_COLOR as RGB, not RGBA. Also all maps changes descr Feb 22, 2017
Music Added MIDI playback code Apr 11, 2010
Readme Fixed typos in the Russian documentation, improved text design (#382) Jul 13, 2017
Sounds Mees made different sounds for team chat and system messages (these a… Jan 11, 2014
SpriteResource eye sprite, for spectator Aug 23, 2017
Sprites Added Metallurgist snow house sprite by Malin Mar 8, 2017
Test MySpectator > gMySpectator for uniformity Nov 3, 2015
TestFunctional Split gui pages into folders Oct 3, 2015
TextSamples Greek sample text now has the full modern Greek alphabet Oct 19, 2015
Todo ShareFogCompliment function comment Mar 15, 2017
Tutorials Korean translation of Tutorials by 전정욱 Dec 8, 2018
Utils Updated tools status Mar 15, 2020
data Improving grammar Mar 14, 2017
src Cleanup Nov 30, 2018
.gitignore Added several rules to .gitignore Apr 16, 2016
FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll Updated FastMM to 4.991 Oct 13, 2012 removed SC_REAL_GAME_SPEED hotkey Feb 26, 2017 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/Kromster80/master' Mar 6, 2017
KaMProjectGroup.groupproj Update Dec 12, 2015
KaM_Manifest.manifest Fixed issues with requiring administrator rights when installed to Pr… Apr 27, 2012
KaM_Manifest.rc Fixed issues with requiring administrator rights when installed to Pr… Apr 27, 2012
KaM_Manifest.res Fixed issues with requiring administrator rights when installed to Pr… Apr 27, 2012
KaM_Remake.cfg Added primitive caching to pathfinding (Vortamic initial attacks are … Dec 7, 2012
KaM_Remake.dof Scripting demo release candidate :) :) :) Apr 6, 2013
KaM_Remake.dpr Add and implement new version of ScriptValidatorResult May 10, 2018
KaM_Remake.dproj Fixed compiling Apr 23, 2017
KaM_Remake.ico Updated icon Jun 12, 2011 Renamed Sep 21, 2018
KaM_Remake.lpi Fixed Lazarus project file (fixing build paths, works in my configura… Apr 16, 2016
KaM_Remake.mes Moving server from to This mea… May 10, 2012
KaM_Remake_Icon.ico Copied icon file to a different name (it won't compile without it for… Apr 26, 2015
KaM_Remake_Icon.rc Jecy played a multiplayer game with 3 players over the LAN in Lazarus… Jul 22, 2011
KaM_Remake_Icon.res Fixed icon looking blurry/grey (.res file compiled incorrectly?) May 16, 2013
LICENSE.txt AGPL license Jan 24, 2017 Update Sep 25, 2016
bass.dll Switched from TMediaPlayer to the Bass audio library which provides m… Sep 20, 2011
clean.bat Clean deletes more junk Apr 15, 2014
keys.keymap set default key for corn as 'C' Mar 6, 2017
libzplay.dll - Music library can now use either BASS or ZLibPlay with a compiler … Dec 7, 2011
upx.exe Updated UPX to the latest version Aug 5, 2012


The KaM Remake mod is an attempt to reinvigorate the original “Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom” strategy game. Our goals are to make it work on today's computers and operating systems, implement a fully featured online multiplayer system, as well as to fix the many bugs in the game engine. To do this we have started from scratch, writing our own code for the game engine but still relying on many original resource files. We assume that you own the original KaM game, (the installer checks for it) otherwise you should buy it – it's available in a number of online gaming stores.

The KaM Remake executable is freeware and is built by enthusiasts. Applications used: Delphi 6 - XE2, FastMM4, Lazarus, OpenGL, OpenAL, Overbyte ICS, zLib, PNGImage, MadExcept, libZPlay.

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