A python module to manipulate XCode projects
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This module can read, modify, and write a .pbxproj file from an Xcode 4+ projects. The file is usually called project.pbxproj and can be found inside the .xcodeproj bundle. Because some task cannot be done by clicking on an UI or opening Xcode to do it for you, this python module lets you automate the modification process.

How to use it

The typical tasks with an Xcode project are adding files to the project and setting some standard compilation flags. It can be achieved with a simple snippet like this:

from pbxproj import XcodeProject
# open the project
project = XcodeProject.load('myapp.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj')

# add a file to it, force=false to not add it if it's already in the project
project.add_file('MyClass.swift', force=False)

# set a Other Linker Flags

# save the project, otherwise your changes won't be picked up by Xcode

That's it. More details about available API's visit the wiki.

Why refactor?

The project has being rewritten entirely from version 1.3.1 to 2.0.0. This refactor had some goals in mind:

  1. Make the project more maintainable. By breaking the monolithic file into separated packages and classes.
  2. Add unit tests. The old implementation was not particularly testable. Tests will allow to make future changes with confidence that they won't break existing functionality.
  3. Improve the code quality. The code has being cleaned, responsibilities clearly separated and ambiguous APIs removed.
  4. Introduce new functionality in a clearer way. There were some functionality missing or half working. Some of this features were addresses by this refactor.
  5. Make the output as compatible as possible with Xcode's expectations.
  6. Improve the fault tolerance. Whenever Xcode introduces new sections into its format things would've broken. Now, unknown sections are read and written back even if the project doesn't know about them.

For more information about what API's were deprecated or completely removed check wiki.


For installation instructions visit the wiki


For instructions and commands available visit the wiki


For general documentation, visit the wiki. For technical documentation, the public functions are documented and contains details about what is expected.

Reporting bugs

Did you find a bug? Too bad, but we want to help you, we need you to:

  • Provide as many details about the error you are having.
  • If possible provide a sample project.pbxproj to reproduce the steps
  • If possible, try the sequence of steps on Xcode and provide the project.pbxproj generated by Xcode.

We cannot help you if your issue is a title: "it does not work". Or if there is no sequence of steps to reproduce the error. Those kind of issues will be ignored or closed automatically.


Do you want to fix an issue yourself? Great! some house rules:

  • Provide a description of what problem you are solving, what case was not being taking into account
  • Provide unit tests for the case you have fixed. Pull request without unit test or PRs that decrease the coverage will not be approved until this changes.
  • Adhere to the coding style and conventions of the project, for instance, target_name is used to specify the target across all functions that use this parameter. Changes will be requested on PRs that don't follow this.
  • Write descriptive commit messages.


This project is licensed using MIT license.