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Kinect head pose estimation - standalone version with OSC support and pix_head_pose_estimation for Pure Data/Gem
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kinect head pose estimation with OSC support

Includes standalone version and pix_head_pose_estimation Pure Data/Gem external.

Standaloe works with libfreenect, OpenNI or Microsoft Kinect SDK (Windows only)

based on 
Real Time Head Pose Estimation from Consumer Depth Cameras 
by Gabriele Fanelli


Application that detects head position from a depth image provided by
Kinect Sensor in x,y,z and Euler Angles (pitch, yaw, roll) 
from multiple persons.

Application sends data as OSC Message in the format:

/head_pose [User_ID] [x] [y] [z] [pitch] [yaw] [roll]

all arguments are float, angles in degree, User_ID starting at zero.

* #.../head_pose_estimation> ./head_pose_estimation_demo config.txt <show visual 0 or 1> <send osc 0 or 1> <osc-ip> <osc-port>

example how to not show visualization and use custom ip and port for sending OSC Messages:

./head_pose_estimation_demo config.txt 0 1 8000

Default IP/Port:

* you can find an example puredata/GEM patch in the folder pd	
to visualize the headtracking.

(C) 2011/2012 by Matthias Kronlachner

Ready to use Binaries for OSX (64 bit) and Windows (32 bit) are included.

Binary is included
Windows version is compiled for Microsoft Kinect SDK!!

* get and install OpenCV from
* get and install Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows


*	you need cmake, OpenCV, OpenNI, freeglut, and OpenGL libraries
	for installing OpenNI follow this instructions:

*	get liblo

*	edit demo/CMakeLists.txt and adjust paths

*	#.../head_pose_estimation/demo> cmake CMakeLists.txt
*	#.../head_pose_estimation/demo> make

*	#.../head_pose_estimation> ./head_pose_estimation_demo config.txt


-> use precompiled BINARIES! 
or	./head_pose_estimation_demo_openni

for compilation:

* you will need XCode to compile the demo application for OSX 

* follow instructions on 
	to install OpenNI
* get liblo

* get OpenCV, OpenGL, Glut through macports

* open the XCode Project in demo folder, 
  adjust path settings for Frameworks and build it.



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