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Reaper plug-in that adds import (soundfile reading) capabilites to the Digital Audio Workstation Reaper
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Reaper libsndfile wrapper plug-in

Reaper plug-in that adds import (soundfile reading) and export (soundfile writing) capabilites to the Digital Audio Workstation Reaper ( libsndfile supports a broad variety of soundfile formats, this plugin allows to use libsndfile to import audio files into Reaper projects and export projects.

Adds support to read/write soundfiles such as RF64 (eg. used by RME Digicheck, mh acoustics Eigenstudio(R)), .paf, .sf, .raw, .mat, ...

Complete list of additionally supported file extensions: .au, .avr, .caf, .htk, .iff, .mat, .mpc, .oga, .paf, .pvf, .raw, .rf64, .sd2, .sds, .sf, .voc, .w64, .wve, .xi

reaper_libsndfilewrapper is originally written by Xenakios

bugfixes, export functionallity and MacOS/Windows builds by Matthias Kronlachner

This software is licensed under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) license. It uses libsndfile by Erik de Castro Lopo which is licensed under LGPL


ready to use 32/64 bit binaries for Windows and MacOS can be found at:

building yourself

  • cmake, working build environment
  • libsndfile


2012 Xenakios 2014-2016 Matthias Kronlachner

Contact: m.kronlachner (ät)

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