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v2.2. Various fixes.
v2.13. Merge various fixes for Rails 2.2.2.
v2.12. Improvements to the test suite; bugfixes for STI children (rsl). Remove fancy dependency system in favor of using Dispatcher::to_prepare every time.
v2.11. Rails 1.2.6 tagging generator compatibility; change test suite to use included integration app.
v2.10. Add :parent_conditions option; bugfix for nullified conditions; bugfix for self-referential tagging generator; allow setting of has_many_polymorphs_options hash in Configuration's after_initialize if you need to adjust the autoload behavior; clear error message on missing or improperly namespaced models; fix .build on double-sided relationships; add :namespace key for easier set up of Camping apps or other unusual class structures.
v2.9. Gem version renumbering; my apologies if this messes anyone up.
v2.8. RDoc documentation; repository relocation; Rakefile cleanup; remove deprecated plugin-specific class caching.
v2.7.5. Various bugfixes; Postgres problems may remain on edge.
v2.7.3. Use new :source and :source_type options in 1.2.3 (David Lemstra); fix pluralization bug; add some tests; experimental tagging generator.
v2.7.2. Deprecate has_many_polymorphs_cache_classes= option because it doesn't really work. Use config.cache_classes= instead to cache all reloadable items.
v2.7.1. Dispatcher.to_prepare didn't fire in the console; now using a config.after_initialize wrapper instead.
v2.7. Dependency injection framework elimates having to care about load order.
v2.6. Make the logger act sane for the gem version.
v2.5.2. Allow :skip_duplicates on double relationships.
v2.5.1. Renamed :ignore_duplicates to :skip_duplicates to better express its non-passive behavior; made sure not to load target set on push unless necessary.
v2.5. Activerecord compatibility branch becomes trunk: extra options now supported for double polymorphism; conditions nulled-out and propogated to child relationships; more tests; new :ignore_duplicates option on macro can be set to false if you want << to push duplicate associations.
v2.4.1. Code split into multiple files; tests added for pluralization check; Rails 1.1.6 no longer supported.
v2.4. Unlimited mixed class association extensions for both single and double targets and joins.
v2.3. Gem version
v2.2. API change; prefix on methods is now singular when using :rename_individual_collections.
v2.1. Add configuration option to cache polymorphic classes in development mode.
v2.0. Collection methods (push, delete, clear) now on individual collections.
v1.9.2. Disjoint collection sides bugfix, don't raise on new records.
v1.9.1. Double classify bugfix.
v1.9. Large changes to properly support double polymorphism.
v1.8.2. Bugfix to make sure the type gets checked on doubly polymorphic parents.
v1.8.1. Bugfix for sqlite3 child attribute retrieval.
v1.8. Bugfix for instantiating attributes of namespaced models.
v1.7.1. Bugfix for double polymorphic relationships.
v1.7. Double polymorphic relationships (includes new API method).
v1.6. Namespaced model support.
v1.5. Bugfix for Postgres and Mysql under 1.1.6; refactored tests (hildofur); properly handles legacy table names set with set_table_name().
v1.4. STI support added (use the child class names, not the base class).
v1.3. Bug regarding table names with underscores in SQL query fixed.
v1.2. License change, again.
v1.1. File_column bug fixed.
v1.0. Tests written; after_find and after_initialize now correctly called.
v0.5. SQL performance enhancements added.
v0.4. Rewrote singletons as full-fledged proxy class so that marshalling works (e.g. in the session).
v0.3. Caching added.
v0.2. Fixed dependency reloading problem in development mode.
v0.1. License change.
v0. Added :dependent support on the join table; no changelog before this version.