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-fog helps you interact with cloud services.
+fog is the Ruby cloud computing library.
The quick and dirty, top to bottom:
* Models provide a simplified interface, making clouds easier to work with and switch between.
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ Play around and use the console to explore or check out the {getting started gui
You should try out the (varying) support fog has for:
* {AWS}[] [{EC2}[], {ELB}[], {S3}[], {SimpleDB}[]]
-* {Rackspace|} [{Files}[], {Servers}[]]
+* {Rackspace}[] [{Files}[], {Servers}[]]
* {Slicehost}[]
* {Terremark}[] [{vCloud Express}[]]
* {Blue Box Group}[] [{Blocks}[]]

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