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Copyright (c) 2016 by Kronosaur Productions, LLC.

This package contains the source code for building the Transcendence.exe client,
which is used to run any Transcendence adventure, including "Domina & Oracus".


This project depends on two other repos, which must be placed at the same level,
under a folder hereby referred to as <root dir>:

If you are downloading the repos in order to submit future pull requests, it is 
worthwhile to keep repositories synced with kronosaur:

General help on using git is available through official sources:

You will need to install the February 2010 DirectX SDK release, as later versions 
do not include necessary libraries. The correct DirectX SDK can be downloaded 

Note the DirectX SDK's install location on your computer.

It may be necessary to uninstall certain Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 
when installing DirectX SDKs:

Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later. Load Transcendence/Transcendence.sln, 
which is the Transcendence solution file. The following warnings, if shown under
Output from Solution, may be safely ignored:

    <root dir>\Alchemy\zlib-1.2.7\contrib\vstudio\vc10\zlibstat.vcxproj : 
    warning  : Platform 'Itanium' referenced in the project file 'zlibstat' 
    cannot be found.

    <root dir>\TransCore\TransCore.vcxproj : error  : Project 
    "...\TransCore\TransCore.vcxproj" could not be found.

Select the Transcendence project as the StartUp project. Ensure that the correct 
locations of the DirectX SDK Include and Lib folders are specified for the 
Transcendence project (under the Transcendence solution) by bringing up the 
project's Properties page, and checking the following property sets:

    Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories > General > Include Directories
    Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories > General > Library Directories
Always point the Library Directories variable to the \Lib\x86 folder of the SDK.

Build the solution. Executables will be placed in the Transcendence/Game 

For security reasons the source code does not include certain files to 
communicate with the Hexarc arcology (the cloud service). The code will compile
without it, however, as long as you add CHexarcServiceStub.cpp to the build.

In Visual Studio, find the CHexarcServiceStub.cpp file in the TSUI project under 
the \Source Files\CloudInterface Files folder. Bring up the Properties page for 
the file and under General properties set "Exclude from Build" to "No".

Alternatively, under the <root dir>\Mammoth\TSUI folder, copy 
CHexarcServiceStub.cpp as CHexarcService.cpp.


Please see the LICENSE file in the root directory.