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Makefile support for IntelliJ-based IDEs

Get it from plugin repository:

Plugin for editing Makefiles in IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Fully supports GNU Make syntax.


  • syntax highlighting
  • keywords & target names completion
  • run configurations
  • gutter marks & context actions to run targets
  • quick-doc for ## comments on target line
  • find usages and Go To Symbol navigation for targets
  • prerequisites resolution
  • rules, variables and conditionals folding
  • quick fixes to create new rule from unresolved prerequisite and remove empty rule


The plugin is built using Gradle and uses gradle-intellij-plugin to integrate with IntelliJ Platform.

To build a plugin run

$ ./gradlew buildPlugin

Plugin zip file will be created in build/distributions

To test plugin in IDE run ./gradlew runIde

Grammar modifications

The plugin uses Grammar-Kit to generate parser and lexer. Please install Grammar-Kit plugin and refer to the documentation if you want to modify grammar.

To regenerate parser, open Makefile.bnf and press Ctrl+Shift+G (⌘⇧G on macOS)

To regenerate lexer, open MakefileLexer.flex and press Ctrl+Shift+G (⌘⇧G on macOS)

Please make sure to add test to MakefileParserTest.kt for any parser modifications.


Plugin is written in Kotlin.

GNU head icon licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0