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This shiny application is a real time bike station information. It provides information on more than 30 bike self-service stations around the world. This application is composed of an interface file (ui.R), a server file (server.R), and folder where we can find data (www).

You can see the shiny application in action here

Before running the code

Before running the code you should run data_dist.R on R to generate, the file closest_stations.RDS (this file is to large to be save in GitHub). Then you will be abble to run the shiny app. The offline version is veloh_API_offline.R, if you have any difficulty to make it run offline, contact me :) The shiny server version is ui.R and Server.R

Don't forget to change the path (provide the complete path) depending on where you have saved the file :)

Enjoy this application and if you have any issues to make it work correctly, you can always watch my tutorial video or contact me.