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Gitbook containing descriptions and examples of common Python commands for beginners.
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Python 3 Beginners Reference

(c) 2016 Dr. Kristian Rother (

Who is this document for?

This document contains brief descriptions and examples of common Python commands. You can use it to review your knowledge, look up things quickly and accompany a beginners course on Python 3.

This document is meant to help people learning Python as their first programming language. Because of that, it contains many commands and expressions a seasoned programmer might write differently. But I consider them nevertheless helpful to learn programming.

This document is not intended as an in-depth guide. Please refer to for more detailed information.


This e-book contains contributions by Allegra Via, Kaja Milanowska, Anna Philips, Magdalena Rother and Tomasz Puton.


Distributed under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License 4.0

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